A yawning thread


I yawn a lot. Loads actually. yawn
I love a good jaw-stretching yawn.

How’s your yawning game?


Very poor.


Big yawner as well. Bloody love a good yawn. Sometimes force one out when I didn’t even need one.


weird when you yawn and spray a little bit of water out of your mouth like some kind of evil snake huh?


That happens to me too! I quite enjoy it, though not when in conpany.


I like to make a sound like a folorn whale that’s missing it’s holidaying lover when I do a big yawn and stretch. Few things are more satisfying dan dis.


Any tips on hiding a yawn in meetings?

I keep yawning in this thread because it keeps making me think about yawning.


The first yawn and stretch of the day is a fucking delight!


Distract everyone by mooning them when you feel the yawn coming on.


worth a shot


…is what they’ll say as they carefully aim a biro at your ringpiece.


I sometimes yawn so hard I get cramp in my jaw.


That’s some hard yawning! Good work


Thank you!


Who the fuck is this? Paging me at 5:46
In the morning, crack of dawn and
Now I’m yawning, wipe the cold out my eye
See who’s this paging me and why?


hardly a controversial/interesting opinion but I bloody love that album


Not really a fan of yawning. If I had the option to never yawn again, I would take it.


I knew there’d be one hater, but I never thought it would be you.

What do you dislike about the great yawn? Maybe we can help.


I feel ya, bam. Top 10 of the genre for me.


it’s the only rap album I listen to really, well that and to pimp a butterfly I guess but I overplayed that and now I don’t know if I ever need to hear it again