A24 films

Yeah I really liked this one

Says a lot about the state of the film industry that A24 have done so many Oscar nominated/winning films and they’ve still had to consider getting bought out several times.


Picked up 3 of the 4 beautiful Collectors Editions over the past year or so on eBay. Paid way under for the Midsommar (now selling for 2 or 3 times as much) about even for The Last Black Man In San Francisco and a bit under for The Green Knight.


those are stunning

mind saying how much?

Seen five and a half so I guess that’s an easy top 5 then.

Don’t think I was aware of them as a thing until Hereditary. I had absolutely no idea that loads of these films were A24 tbh.

Think everything I’ve seen has been good to great. Might be forgetting something but don’t think I’ve seen any duds.

Was £25 w/delivery for the non 4k version.

A few sold on eBay recently for £55 to £75. Think it might work out cheaper to buy from the official store and import at that price.

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did a tier thingy.


Swap In Fabric for The Farewell and I’m pretty on board with that

They have some really wild merch :smiley:

I can imagine only a gullible, impulsive fool would actually pay actual money for a rock with googly eyes on it.

(Everything Everywhere Pet Rock™ – A24 Shop)



i have the Marcel one :heart_eyes:

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Green Room is so underrated, it’s maybe my favourite horror thing they’ve released.


How do they do so many films?

Feel like theyre a more prolific Warp Films

Under absolutely no circumstances is it a good idea to join the A24 Facebook fan group. Started out as a nice spot for discussing interesting upcoming films from Aster and the gang and quickly became one of the low-key most infuriating places on the fucking internet


Surprised a group with 0 posts can become infruriating!!


Also applicable to all


You Hurt My Feelings is so shit

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For a book and a zine that cost $50?..no gifts for the TV this Christmas. :joy_cat:

There are like proxy/intermediary shipping companies nowadays right?