AA Gill


DEAD (good at writing, I thought)

I grew up reading his writing and he spurred me on a bit. Yes, he was a ponce of the highest order and yes, he could be unnecessarily contrarian, but he could be empathetic and compassionate, as well as cutting and sardonic. I will miss reading his reviews.


Enjoyed that piece he did slagging off Monaco.


I don’t really know much about him. His Remain piece seemed good but then I felt vaguely like it was too easy for anyone with decent writing skills a bit of brain to rip any Leave notions to shreds.

When he announced his cancer he made a really sly dig at vegans which seemed uncalled for a bit fucking much.


give a shit pal. Change my thread title back.


If I remember it correctly, I don’t think he really ripped the Leave argument to shreds, but was more about being feeling distinctly European. It was pretentious, but I quite liked that.

What was the vegan dig?


Stuck behind the firewall. There were some pictures around Twitter at the time but basically he made some ‘joke’ about how at least he hadn’t been struck down by veganism, or something.


One edit a day, sorry.


I’ve gone right off you. You were never more than just ok but now you’re a right idiot.


Wow. Sounds really harsh, hope people weren’t really offended


Harsh words from the user I look up to most on this site. :’(


Do you really want to do this?


You can put your jacket back on, mate, I’m not going to fight you.


I liked his review of that Morrisey book


Makes it easier for me then.



what WAS the ‘this’ that was going to happen next? Gifs?


It’s just an easy joke to make for a food critic, isn’t it.
It’s only the preachy kinds of vegan who would get offended by that really.


Was going to get into some serious name calling.


oh shit. this is a family atmosphere cool your jets pal


I am not a vegan nor am I remotely preachy and I thought it was crassly shit.


He started it. An apology is all I want.