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I liked the piece about Grimsby nightlife, which wasn’t as patronising as you’d think it would be, but was saying how people live to go out on a Friday and Saturday night, and he captured it pretty well.


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Get it copied and pasted


It’s pretty clear I improved your thread 1000%


Neither am I, lol. I just remember reading it in the magazine 3 years ago


He did punch Piers Morgan, I suppose.


Get it copied and pasted


Warming to him now.


I think that was Jeremy Clarkson


HAHA that was Jeremy Clarkson you wrong man




If your genuine motivation was to improve it then I might understand but you just used a very hacky out of date reference that doesn’t really work. Contrasted with the wonderful succinct simplicity of ‘Big Nob Pills’ I think it’s a poor edit.


I am a vegan (well I follow a vegan diet but i don’t like to describe myself as a vegan) and not preachy and I didn’t get offended by it. These shit jokes are around from people all the god damn time. They’re so boring and obvious and lol look at this person not pumping fat and crap into their body all the time what a loser.

He’s a food critic so his whole life has revolved around having a non-restrictive diet. I applaud him for having a sense of humor whilst he’s literally dying.


I thought both had done it at some point. The two of them detested Morgan.


I’m not telling you you can’t be offended, I’m just saying your glib assumptions about who might be offended are wrong.


Bloke was dyslexic. Dictated all of his copy. Remarkable career given that.

I never especially liked him or anything but always respect people with that much command of the English language.


Typo: I’m not telling you you must be offended, I’m just saying your glib assumptions about who might be offended are wrong.


Yeah, it was quite impressive really. I remember him saying he dictated it into a computer and someone else he had never met turned it in an article.

Disclaimer: I dictate all of my DiS posts, to the dismay of everyone in the office


I have read little of his stuff but he went out with humour and dignity.


What happened to the other thread slating him for pointing out the limitations of the NHS?


That’s unbelievable