Abandoned thread ideas (rolling)

Post your abandoned thread titles/ideas here please.

I’ll start:

What are the rules for swans?


You can go home from work now IF you have to choose between being allowed hot drinks at work or being allowed to poo at work, for the rest of the time that you work there.

The Everything Thread!

(was going to be a thread where we collaborated to just post a list of every thing that’s ever existed)

Never abandoned one


What Are Your Subconscious prejudices?

Was going to be a way to acknowledge and work through our prejudices but I decided it wasn’t a good idea

Historical Boyfriends: Are They All That?


Could use an unconscious bias test for that one. I apparently strongly associate “scientist” with men, which I’m sure my partner will be thrilled about.

‘I can’t operate on him - he’s my son!’


yeah stuff like this is interesting, I was thinking of this the other day because I gave a name example and automatically came up with a male name first, also would type he in priority of she due to some element of sexism

oooh yes please


I even posted that Gertrude Stein one earlier knowing it would do nothing but disappoint

Please use this tomorrow, it’s a good one


does anyone know the rules for swans?

You can’t bum any of the Thames ones

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Is it JUST the Thames ones? Was it the Thames ones that were causing our train delay yesterday?

Do trains only stop for injured (Thames) swans, or would they stop if there was a feverish woodpecker on the tracks?

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I realise that you might not know the answer to all of these questions, but then again, you may.

My son is currently in ‘Swans’ so I know the lot pal. Probably won’t share though.

Next year I will be an expert on Kingfishers.

bit young for noise rock?


alright Balonz

He’s not into noise, for example he hates Sonic Youth.