ABBA are back




In pog form!


Love Abba… but what?


So… they’ve recorded some new songs, but they will be performed by some sort of hologram or digital avatars?


I thought one of them died


You’re thinking of The Two Ronnies


Not that I need an excuse, but I’m going to listen to Chiquitita now.


Expected this to be a Jordan thread about ABBA being a palindrome. Must admit I’m a little bit disappointed.


yet their ghosts are touring


and i’ll say thank you music


You’re Welcome For All That Music


take a chance take a chance take take a take a chance chance


ABBA are definitely a stadium band, so I expect they’ll be performing at the Palindrome.


I’m ok with this. Well done.


Im sure thisl be good!


There’s going to be a new Abba song at Christmas, I’m happy about this. I don’t expect it to be good, but I will be excited to hear it nonetheless.


Would be funny if their comeback show was at the Tunbridge Wells Forum


Remember the Abba Teens?

Must be all in their late 30s now.


Would be good if it contains trap-style hi-hats and was completely indistinguishable from other contemporary pop


Upside Down was a banger