ABBA are back


A new song AT Christmas could be good, but I hope it’s not a song ABOUT Christmas.


Not for me! I can get there quite easily.


Easy mistake to make tbh


How on Earth have they missed out on the opportunity to call their digital versions ABBAtars?


Are there any ABBA fans around? ; )
Any Acapela lovers? SO…
You must see this new one VOCAPEOPLE:


No we hate abba sorry mate


The best ABBA album is:

  • Ring Ring
  • Waterloo
  • ABBA
  • Arrival
  • ABBA - The Album
  • Voulez-Vouz
  • Souper Trouper
  • The Visitors
  • I don’t listen to anything other than Gold
  • I don’t listen to ABBA because I’m a soulless husk

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@Icarus-Smicarus I used to think you were ok :confused:


Srs argument to be made that ABBA got better with each album you know


Yeah every other day my answer would have been The Visitors. It’s pretty much neck-and-neck between Voulez-Vous and it.

Oh wait Super Trouper is in between them.


They haven’t aged well.


Is this the ABBA thread? I love that thing they do where the third line of the chorus will go higher than the first line (Knowing Me Knowing You, Chiquitita, Dancing Queen, etc) - wish more artists did that.

Just had If It Wasn’t For The Nights pop into my head for the first time in a while, and had to go back and listen to it about a dozen times. The fact that it wasn’t a single is absurd…


This one for me

Technically my first record buy when I was a six year old. From Boots too.

Great album.


Those outfits!


Oh yeah!


With a verse from Young Thug that’s been set up by label executives and sent over via DropBox. One of the lines includes something like “she’s my little dancing queen” but otherwise has little thematic continuity with the rest of the song