ABBA are back



Very good

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Thanks x

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that he got
He’s still, he’s still
Benny from The Stockholm


Benny Bjorn
Benny Bjorn

(to the theme of the Baby Born telly ads)

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There aint no motive for this crime.
Benny Was A Friend Of Mine


Will there ever be a Benny Bjorn that can swim faster than a shark


I’d imagine there’ll be some sort of homage to them in the bit where they’re collating the results and I’d be surprised if a member or two wasn’t present, but I’d say the chances of an Actual Abba thing are about 0.1%.


Bet there’s an Abbatars bit

My dream is a big ABBA tribute during the halftime show, culminating in a performance from the Abbatars, then the screen parts to reveal the actual band who perform a stripped back “Thank You For the Music”. Everyone cries. The end.


Went to Voyage last night.

Thought it was really enjoyable and very impressive. Was genuinely hard to believe the people on stage weren’t real for moments - the shadows and lights are so good, at one point someone knocks a microphone stand and it wobbles (I know it’s also not real) but the effect is stunning.

The close ups on the other hand are very uncanny valley. It’s just not quite there yet.

Good set list, nice atmosphere, definitely worth a visit.


Went last week and this was pretty much exactly my experience, to the point that I almost felt slightly overwhelmed and couldn’t really switch my brain off about how it all worked

Thought Bjorn and Benny especially were a wee bit janky to the point that it really drove home how that band really were two slightly awkward but incredibly gifted nerds who somehow married two stunning natural performers in their own right.

Loved the futuristic renditionsof Voulez Vouz and Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie though, partly because it was the one part that very obviously wasn’t based on the actual band’s performances

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