Abbey Road - 50th anniversary reissue


The Giles Martin remix of Sgt Pepper was incredible and I can only assume this will be just as good. That breakdown from Polythene Pam to Bathroom Window is going to sound mega!

Going to go out on a limb here and say absolutely no-one needs any of this shit.


Here’s the 2 CD version

And the 3 CD version with 100 page hardback book (£100)

I’ve never heard the new Sergeant Pepper but I’m not sure how much another remaster/ remix is needed

Pepper was recorded on 4 track so was bounced down loads - and they had new tech to enable them to separate out the different instruments and voices. Abbey Road was recorded on 16 track, so I would assume there is less to do in that sense

I don’t think I need another copy of Abbey Road as much as I love it

I’ve really liked these so far, some of the new mixes on the White Album were stunning. With Abbey Road though you’re already starting from such a high watermark for production…

I’ve rinsed Abbey Road, Revolver, sgt Pepper, Rubber Soul and Let it Be. But I don’t think I have heard a note of The White Album. Weird.

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Wonder if they’ll do any shows to celebrate it


Massive 50th Anniversary Boxed Set

Sure this is for someone, not sure who though.

Beatles fans