Abbey Road

I’m not, by any stretch, an avid Beatles fan but I’ve been listening to the remastered version of Abbey Road on Spotify this week, and it struck me what a phenomenal record it really is.
Such an innovative record – I find it hard to believe that it was recorded before the 1970s! The production is faultless, and the vocals are, to my ears, the best of any Beatles album.
‘Something’ and ‘Here Comes The Sun’ are works of genius by George Harrison. I think ‘Something’ is actually one of the best records ever written – it’s just amazing.
And the medley on side two just works so well – it had the potential to be a self-indulgent disaster, but it’s just so ahead of its time and different.
That iconic cover too…
Anyhow, just ordered it on vinyl, a great album from start to finish.

it’s a fucking great record, love the medley

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also really reminds me of my cousin who was a beatles fanatic, we used to have drunk sing songs of this record and i’d try and teach him riffs from it on guitar, loads of really cool memories for me. he died at a relatively young age.
on his funeral programme (is that what its called?) it carried the quote ‘and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make’


Something is certainly my favourite Beatles song.

Great album (probably my third favourite of theirs after, predictably White and Revolver) but my god, does Maxwell’s Silver Hammer stink up the first side. Good work Macca’s ego…

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yeah - it’s a good one. Prob my 2nd fave after Revolver, but that changes all the time

Gave it a spin just the other day - Maxwell aside it’s a perfect listen from start to finish

Because is so beautiful. And when Mccartney sings

You never give me your money
You only give me your funny paper
And in the middle of negotiations
You break down

I always get a lump in my throat as I know he’s singing about the big fallout and end of the Beatles


easily the best Beatles album and the only one I can be arsed to go back to these days

Maxwell is piss n shit tho

Wouldn’t be a Beatles album if it didn’t have at least one stinker on it

Am I the only person who likes Maxwell’s Silver Hammer?

I like Maxwell’s Silver Hammer because:

  1. My parents put it on a mixtape for me when I was about five (no idea why - maybe because it’s easy to sing along to?) so it reminds me of certain things
  2. The guitar solo
  3. The synths towards the end!

If I heard it for the first time today, though, I’d probably hate it. But it’s not nearly as irritating as Yellow Submarine is on Revolver.

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