Abducted in Plain Sight

Anyone seen this?


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me and marty had a little chat

i just struggled to feel sorry for them. They didn’t seem like great parents.

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I know sometimes you can smile or laugh with nerves but the mum seems to do a lot of smiling when she reminisces about him.

I mean even if you had the best love affair of all time when you realised what was going on surely looking back on it would just repluse you? Can’t see how you could have any happy memories.

Idk. Maybe to begin with but then to have an affair with him AFTER he’s kidnapped your daughter is just weird.


Watched it last night, was such an odd series of terrible decisions by the parents. Don’t really know what to make of it all in the end - I think they were obviously naive, but surely at some point your instinct should kick in that not all is right, and you should protect your child? Especially the bit when they signed papers basically absolving him to prevent any news of the affair(s) being made public.

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I feel bad that most of the criticisms are directed at the parents but jeepers, it’s hard to not be at least baffled by their actions. And I found it really weird when the dad started crying and saying the worst thing he ever did was to wank that guy off and be unloyal to his wife. Oh, really? So not letting a peadophile sleep in your daughter’s bed for 6 months? Even if you were naive to it at the time surely in retrospect you’d be like, oh yeah, THAT was the worst thing.

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Yeah, I think my attention goes to the parents because their behaviour was so strange. Berchtold is fairly black and white - he’s a manipulative abuser, a horrific person. The parents are odd.

They’re so weird (the parents) and I’m convinced that their extreme naivety and obliviousness is an act for the cameras to make them not look as complicit as they both were in their involvement with him. I don’t think that they were active in the abuse or anything but in their own affairs with him and the way that clouded their view of him and the daughter. I think they’re both horrendous, selfish parents and their actions are at best, bizarre, and at worst complicit, enabling and abusive.


this sounds like a right horrorshow

Yes!! She was doing that whole stare into the distance and reminisce about the best sex of her life or something

The parents also got back together after all that? WTF

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And also insanely weird the mum profiting from it by writing a book.
Surely you’d just be so ashamed but they seemed to take zero responsibility for their actions whatsoever.

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Berchtol’s brother… WTF?!


watching this now. the parents are complete moral degenerates who only cared about themselves. i don’t know what other conclusion you could draw about someone who has sex with a man they know KIDNAPPED AND RAPED THEIR OWN DAUGHTER

“sweet and trusting family”. for fucks sake.



losing my fkn mind here

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the mum kept feeding the little girl to him because she wanted an excuse to be around him, but it backfired when they ran off the second time.
just like the women who gave the guy from lostprophets their kids. whole thing is evil from top to bottom. the only time she shed a tear was when she was talking about what a scandal getting divorced would be for her.

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Apparently at that point they didn’t know about the rapes. Well that’s what they insist based on the medical examiner saying her hymen wasn’t broken. But I don’t believe they believed that, and I can’t help but wonder if there was more to it than this whole story makes out.


i’ve no idea what this is about. should i watch it?

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Yes and no.

You’re welcome.