Inspired by the game-changing Leuchars thread.

Anyone ever been to Aberdeen? I lived there for a number of years and it’s a horrible, depressing, miserable place.


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I’ve been there a couple of times, I quite liked it - my kids were there yesterday (they’re staying in Inverurie). I can imagine the granite buildings getting a little depressing after a while, but the sea-front is pretty cool - we got a great photo there a few years ago. There’s loads of amazing places nearby too.

Ooh I went to Meldrum House Hotel in Aberdeen and it was gorgeous. Went on a work thing. I remember it was pretty grey though and the grey stone houses were sort of beautiful but a kind of depressing beautiful. I just prefer beautiful beautiful, like say, Italy or somewhere.

almost went to uni there. I quite like aberdoom itself, problem is it’s fucking miles from anything (and no bands ever play in aberdeen)

I like saying ABBA rah DIN! Also Smuffs instead of Smurfs.

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can’t fucking stand it, even when the suns out it depressing


i’ve got a wddding to go to in inverurie in the summer, some big manor type house hotel

The city is a miserable shithole (I live on the outskirts) made ever increasingly more so by a backward looking council whose single purpose seems to be to block every good idea put forward to improve it. In contrast the surrounding areas south, north and west are some of the most scenic and historically rich in the country. Not a place to come for a city break but plenty to see in the shire, if castles, hill/loch walking etc is your thing


@Lo-Pan Nah, when the sun comes out the granite twinkles! :sparkles: :smiley:

I lived in Aberdeen for uni and as a student it was fine, though I did escape most weekends to Glasgow for nights out with old school friends. I loved the Moorings and I enjoyed all my disgusting nights out in Moshulu with its green deaths and the dreaded meat curtains but that’s about it. I left years ago and wouldn’t ever go back.

@Japes I think we’re potentially the same age… maybe? I guarantee if you’d gone to uni in Aberdeen we would probably know one another. :wave: You dodged a bullet there.

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aye, twinkles like a big, grey, granite shitbox :wink:


bet it’s pretty nice really

Pictures of it always look nice, I’ve never been though. Furthest up the east coast I’ve been is probably Dundee (unless Inverness counts, I’ve been there).

Half my family are up there, so I visit loads. It’s pretty pish and has been gradually going downhill for decades now. No good pubs, no good venues and no good record shops (One Up RIP). As said above, the council are dickheads too. The surrounding countryside is nice though, although public transport is shit and overpriced which means getting to it is an arse.

At least the football team is doing ok at the moment though.

WELL… it’s a step up from Inverness.

Took a professor to a scream pub in Aberdeen

(Banned act)

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really not sure about that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Never been. But I live very happily in a town that’s derided as a shithole by many. So I’m sure you can live happily in Aberdeen.

WELL… it’s a step up from Dundee.

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is it?! :slight_smile: