aberdonian in a shoe shop asks “fit fit fits fit fit”

#aberdeen jokes


i fucking HATE dundee. I can’t even explain it, I just hate it.


To be fair, Dundee seems to be going in the right direction with the waterfront regeneration. The DCA is alright as well - Pisses on anything Aberdeen has.


There’s a statue of Desperate Dan!


Grangemouth is probably the fucking worst of the lot


Haha, have you been there for a prolonged period of time!? I’ve only been once and didn’t have much fun. I stayed with a friends brother who got exceedingly drunk and attacked me with a dildo :thumbsup: My thinking why it’s potentially better than Aberdeen is because it’s closer to Edinburgh/Glasgow :smiley:

@Lo-Pan I hear Arbroath is pretty grim. Isn’t that where that decapitated head washed up on the beach?

I just checked, yes, yes it was.


Burntisland? I mean, it’s not an island AND it’s never been on fire.


yeah definitely, my brother moved there 10 years ago and in the relatively infrequent visits over the years I’ve definitely noticed some major improvements and changes.


best thing about Aberdeen


led zeppelin once played a gig in burntisland

how much would you love to have seen that?


various pals stay / ed there over the years, plus my brother and dad. so i’ve been far more than i care to.

always had a good time through there tbf, I just have this unexplainable hatred for it


better watch out cb, think @Epimer still has honours in the airdrie young team that won’t take to kindly to yer comments :slight_smile:



Spot on.


That’s because you’re a very hateful person, japes.


Airdrie Section B.
I fought them a few times when I ‘ran’ with the Motherwell Saturday Service!


that’s good enough for me



Students and oil salesmen, sounds like London buried under snow.


Pretty much aye