Abnormal things that you DO have in your abode that you wish WEREN'T there

Only really got the exposed cloths rails here to contribute but I think some of you might have some great suggestions!

Steep set of stairs down into the flat. Bit of a pain tbh.

Two steps up into the east wing bedrooms, always catches a guest out (with a satisfying thud)

my subletter’s high backed leather executive desk chair. pretty uncomfy, i keep it in the corner under my laundry

Handlebars affixed to the wall so I can hang my bicycle

Thought of another one, got one of those weird turning things in a corner cupboard in the kitchen, waste of valuable space.

A vintage suit case in the middle of my room full of stolen gym towels

my mum removed that from ours at home and she’s never been happier

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Slugs in the bathroom.

We’ve got chestnuts in ours. Apparently it keeps spiders away. Cba to ask more questions. Sometimes the TV’s answers are more baffling than my ignorance :joy:

Not clicking! Probably got a photo of a spider. ~terrifying~

Apparently conkers are meant to keep spiders away. No idea why, assumed it was an old wive’s tale.

Cinnamon keeps ants away

Apples (one, daily) keeps doctors away.

  1. Extra holes I accidentally drilled in the wardrobe doors
  2. A door that opens the wrong way into the front room (instead of opening against the wall it opens blocking the entire space and you have to walk 270 degrees around it to get to the light switch)

A whole wardrobe full of my girlfriend’s clothes, plus bags of them all over the fucking floor, being “sorted”.

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Fuckin’ preach it brother. (Except not a wardrobe but exposed fucking clothes rails)


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A maroon cabinet that my partner is insisting on keeping for sentimental reasons, despite that fact that it is ugly and we don’t have room for it.