Absolute blinders

Inspired by one of DiS’s favourite phrases, tell me about absolute blinders you’ve either played or seen people play in your life (excluding political ones).

My friends told me that when my parents got a new set of tiny and delightful gerbils shortly after I moved out (instead of getting a dog like they’d been going on about for a year), it was a ploy to get me to come home more often. If this is correct, my parents played an absolute blinder because I come home a lot more frequently than I otherwise would to see the not-so-tiny but still utterly delightful gerbils :sparkling_heart:


:smiley: my parents buying gerbils is the only absolute blinder anyone on DiS has ever seen?? Astonishing. #blessed

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Maybe rename the thread to “Le Blindoi Absolut” and see if that pulls them in?

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We’re all still completely agog for the Corbyn absolute blinder.

which one in particular?

I don’t believe I’ve ever played a blinder; at least, not one that I can remember.

The other week, a friend of mine got refused entry to a Warehouse Project, with the other bouncers being made aware of his appearance over radio, so he got a taxi to the nearest 24 hour Asda, bought a full new outfit from George, and got let in, storing and later retrieving his original clothes in a plastic bag hung in the branches of a nearby tree.


Think that was his point

never seen a blinder

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