Absolutely dead on here today huh

Anyone got any burning hot takes to waste the time?

Think everyone burned through their weekly take ration in the HGATR thread.


there’s a quiz soon

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Oh fuck that


Not a sausage

i missed the action on that. got 1500 posts to read, the excitement

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done with quizzes. done with zoom. done with group online activities arranged over zoom.


no offence

Internet’s down I think

Been really feeling the benefits of daily Neil Diamond smoothies recently

Do yourself a favour and skip forward 50 posts any time anyone mentions Radiohead, Billy Corgan or wrestling.

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Los Campesinos are Tory creeps


True and they got blammed by HAIM, the only band on earth blander than them.


is this true?

back to my old thing during the summer of not eating for 23 hours and then having one big meal. dunno why this happens.

Not using as much body energy on self-heating in Summer? Unsure
I’ve basically only eaten 1 meal a day for the last ten years, it can be sustainable

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thought it seemed quite busy tbh

what’s the big meal gonna be?

think there’s some frozen bolognese in the freezer that I’ll dig out.

oh. i was thinking you’d be having some sort of decadent feast. spag bol is nice though

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