Absolutely filthy foodstuffs you've discovered

* filthy good obviously

I’ve just discovered that slightly stale chocolate chip brioche can be revitalised by heating in the microwave and applying some salted caramel spread.

What have you discovered lately?

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Not a discovery of the foodstuff but I’ve finally discovered a place selling Riesen - The Chocolate Chew in bags recently and I’ve bought no fewer than seven bags of them in the last week.


Did you buy them all in one go? Like the idea of you looking like an obsessed madman.


Also this can be the lunch thread I find you want.

I had reheated leftover chinese which is really not pretty the next day, is it?


No, I bought three bags (and looked like a madman for other reasons, namely cheating myself out of five pounds by being bad at maths and magnanimously behaving as if the shop owner was the one who was bad at maths instead, this was detailed elsewhere) and then I bought two further bags on two separate occasions.

I should stress that I haven’t eaten seven bags worth of Riesen - The Chocolate Chews, I just found a good jar to fill up with them so bought enough to fill the jar. (I’ve probably eaten a bag and a halfs worth)

Speaking of Chinese food and fithiness

A couple of weeks ago I chucked my crabmeat and sweetcorn soup into some pork chowmein and topped it off with some crispy salt and chilli chicken. Looked horrific. Like sick. Tasted fantastic.

Nobody dare @me


fair play going back to the shop so soon after the maths debacle, I’d probably would’ve had to move town or something

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Luckily it was a different person behind the counter after the first transaction. A good thing is that my approach to the shop grants me a viewpoint to the till itself so I can judge whether or not I should enter or not based on the potential levels of shame on access.

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Oooh where’s that from? Is this a Lidl/Aldi thing?

This is a safe space here ant, you can admit anything.

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Poundstretcher a few months ago. Selling them off for 50p a tub. They’re Australian, apparently. Really good spread on top of your biscuit of choice.

Trying really hard not to judge you here…

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White choc spread with roasted almond bits? eff me sideways.

Saturday night, MotD, cup of tea and a portion of the following:

I went back for the rest of the bag because it was that good.

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Macaroni cheese pizza


Is it actually good though? I mean on paper it should be wonderful but I worry that it might be too much of a good thing.

It’s pretty good @laelfy

Is this the Asda or sainsbos one? May give it a go.