Absolutely indisputable cunts audit


Need this thread to share in my hatred…because it’s starting to consume me slightly

Start with this guy:


And move onto the obvious


How does everyone else deal with knowing these people exist and go about their lives relatively unchallenged?


You, for using the C word.


I only use it for people I see as beyond redemption…

Is that still not an excuse?


Seb coe


Inverdale is misguided…but not malicious

Coe is definitely a raging Tory though


Jim Davison
Jonathan King






Morgan is the obvious answer, although his stance on gun control and the way he confronted the Gun Lobby in the US is admirable


Most of the Conservative top brass can be included on this list, surely? They’re either complete cunts or visibly supportive of complete cunts.


You’re stuck in a lift with Inverdale, Morgan and Hitler, holding a gun.

Luckily the gun’s fully loaded, so no probs.


Was thinking of just offing myself until the second line.


Richard Littlejohn


Martin Shkreli.


Mitch McConnell
Paul Ryan
Newt Gingrich
Ted Cruz


Why did you direct me to that odious shit smear?! Can’t unsee his tweets! Now I know people like that are real! Can I put you on the list for that?!


Dominic Lawson


Christ, he’s a proper weapon isn’t he? Just scrolled through the most recent 50 or so. So annoying that he’s one of those special kind of arseholes that probably won’t ever get his comeuppance.


This tweet might actually be perfect, though.



He’s got it wrong though? That implies movies are better than the gym? Or is he saying you’re not a world champ because you think movies are better than the gym?

Structurally, it’s poor.