Absolutely no actual cycling chat allowed in this thread

yeah, I saw this.seems like a shit idea to me.

anyway, mentioned this article to my boy this morning and he wondered why bikes don’t get a GPS system built into the frame or whatever. like when you lose your phone and you can track the cunt who nicked it. makes great sense to me

this could already be a thing…I don’t honestly know

yeah I’ve thought about putting a GPS tracker thing inside the handlebars of my bike but really cba

i just find the concept of the skunklock really funny

Yeah, there are a few products on the market:

You have a boy? How did I miss this?

Hey Niki you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind hey Niki!
If my ride’s uncomfortable (it’s not unbearable but could be better), would I be better off investing in bib shorts or a new saddle, and what sort of money would I need to spend to make it worthwhile

This is now the cycling thread

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my boy is my friend. I wish I did have a boy. I’d make a great dad - well, according to my friends, anyway

Yeah I could imagine you being a decent dad, definitely :slight_smile:

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hey aggy pee

[spoiler]well, it could be either the bibs or the saddle! what bibs u wearing? GET RID OF THE UNDERWEAR for starters. the triban stock saddle is… shite, i’d upgrade it to a charge spoon for £20 first.

saddles are very personal things but the spoon seems to be good for lots of people’s bums. i have it on my road bike and have never once experienced any discomfort.

as for shorts: the more you pay generally the better the quality of the chamois is. i will only wear morvelo bibs for long rides – i find them very comfy and they have a really good amount of padding. you could try chamois cream.

EDIT: i misread your original request. are you wearing padded shorts already?[/spoiler]

Already got padded shorts (not bibs though) but they were fine on the carrera so I reckon it’s the saddle. It’s still not bad but £20 will be worth trying a new one, ta

yeah, probably the saddle then

Charge Spoon Cromo Saddle | Tredz Bikes << barg!

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thanks man. that’s a nice thing to say. tell you what dude, I was in quite a serious relationship a few years back and she had a couple of kids. beautiful, cheeky young boys of 18 months and 3, they were. I really got into helping them with drawing, learning, getting dressed and what have you.fucking loved it!

it was like a massive revelation for me. before this, I had wondered around life pretty aimlessly, with no true purpose…and suddenly it dawned on me - ‘oh, right…this is what we’re put on this earth for’

It was glorious, man. having kids is the best thing ever, I reckon

sorry -being a good role model and having a positive influence on someone’s life is the best thing ever

My word!


:smiley: he’s got a point, you had all Thursday for this sort of chat @plasticniki

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You don’t wear underwear to cycle? Interesting.

I went commando last weekend on my big ride, it was not noticeably different

i wouldn’t dream of it

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I don’t wear underwear when I go running, either.