Absolutely ridiculous premises / plot twists in films (spoilers)

Mrs CCB went to watch Last Christmas last night (not her choice, she’d hasten to add). The film is loosely based around songs by Wham! and is kind of silly enough until then end when you find out that the male lead is actually a dead person who, literally, gave his heart - via organ donation - to the female lead after being killed in a road traffic accident. Hence "last Christmas I gave you my heart :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

I laughed so hard when Mrs CCB was explaining this.


Good to see bruce willis is keeping busy


Then the bit where John Lennon is still alive in this alternative universe

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Giving it away the very next day would prove fatal


Everyone should go and see the extremely stupid The Good Liar while it’s still in cinemas. It is perfect for this thread.

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Quite looking forward to the sequel where he gives it to someone special now.


I found Lucy an adequately watchable film for the most part, until that daft bollocks at the end where she turns into a memory stick ffs.


It was strongly hinted at in the graun - very happy to have confirmed.

Do they at an point go to a club and the drinks are free?


OP in this

(Just linking because I cba to type it out again, no issue with you horning in on my racket).

He cheats on her, thus ruining his burgeoning modern ballroom career

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Does he then whisper something to her but he’s got a mouthful of hot chips and she mishears him.

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This is the sequel where her body rejects it.

It’s part of a trilogy where in the 3rd one someone gets the wrong lung removed and has a cameo from a sniggering sheeldz


I really love a eye rolling shit twist in a movie so will be following this thread with interest

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Oh no, that part is metaphorical.

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He gets a new job but keeps getting verbal warnings for being late to work. In the end, his girlfriend, who leaves the house earlier than him, agrees to act as his alarm clock.

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Would a big ol man heart even fit inside a little lady like dany?

Any doctors on the forum?

Am I cancelled?

EDIT : Added spoiler for anyone unlucky enough to have to watch this.

the twist in The Sixth Sense when Bruce Willis goes mad realising he’s dead and Haley John Osmond comes in and says “nah I was just shitting you, don’t know what you’re going off on one about”


All of these are more creative than that accursed Queen musical where they just called a character Scaramoosh Fandango or whatever.


yes i can hear you scaramoosh fandango


Reminds me of that badly contrived “give the frog a loan” joke

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