its because no one has heard of Gene either

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I think it’s run by the Star shaped guys who obviously are all about those bands amongst others so I guess that explains the choices somewhat

Gene were good you chump.


I really liked his solo album.


im not denying that - not as famous a name as starsailor to the average person though

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I assumed those were bands that had the name but only that original member but I guess it’s all solo.

Andy Bell has wisely erased Hurricane #1 from his past.

As opposed to Salad :grinning:


Big tune tbf


my theory appears flawed.

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In November we saw what was billed as genes ‘last’ performance at Kentish Town forum - my mate was a massive fan, and had a spare.

He billed it as gene, but didn’t invite any of the other band members and just used session musicians which didn’t go down particularly well.

He’s allegedly got some mark Morriss style skeletons that people are surprised haven’t surfaced

Saw them once at the Roadhouse in Manchester, touring Ice Cream, or rather the single:

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I was listening to an episode of R U Talkin REM Re:Me today and they mentioned how a previous guest, April Richardson had gone to England and got together with Martin Rossiter. Never heard of him before and now twice in two days

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Think they’re married. Enjoyed Rossiter’s solo stuff but somehow would not be at all surprised re the Mrk Mrris stuff mentioned.

You’re not ‘intense romantics’ you’re violent gaslighters with semi-succesful music careers in a bygone age*

*caveat of i know nothing of the Rossiter rumours and am referring to the whole heap of wankers from that era and their behaviours.

Well that’s intensely fucked up. :worried:

Edit: The post to which this is replying has now been deleted. It was about Rossiter rumours, and nothing whatsoever to do with Acaster.

For anyone jumping into this thread and having not read that trail, probably worth pointing out you aren’t referring to James Acaster about that, right?

For clarity - this thread has gone on a bit of a Gene/Rossiter tangent and the last few comments have been regarding him

Yeah, I understood, don’t worry. Just thinking for anyone jumping into the thread after seeing lots of new posts might not understand the background and presume it was about Acaster :+1:


Definetly not! sorry for any confusion. Mods, if you want to delete my posts thats fine. Apologies again

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@moderators can you help out on the above?


OK, deleted!