acaster’s on wtf this thursday

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Watched the first half hour of Repertoire in 2017 because my flatmate made me, and I hated it, thought it was shit.

Watched all of Repertoire last week and I thought it was v funny and now I love him.


not sure how many times i’ve watched it all the way though, probably like 4 or 5 now. adore it.


Only watched it once when it came out, time for a rewatch!

very annoyed I didn’t manage to catch him at the Fringe given how big he’s gone/how he’s gone off touring

definitely tried to round friends up to see his last show and didn’t get much interest ffs

Shelled out a tenner for Cold Lasagne I Hate Myself 1999. Very good! Could do without all the Brexit shit, terrible bit, but the rest of it is great. Think I prefer repertoire overall… I actually think I just prefer him saying “Pat Springleaf” over any other joke in the history of standup comedy

No mention of cold lasagne tho, what’s that about then eh?


Part of a bit that he developed in an earlier version of the show that was then cut IIRC

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Listened to him on the Marc Maron podcast and thought he came across really well. When he got a word in edgewise of course.

Only ever seen the odd short clip with him so no views outside that just reckon the pod is worth a listen.


Every episode of WTF I’ve listened to there’s like a 40 minute bit at the start where he’s wanking on about some guitar he has in his garage and then how good Stamps-dot-com is

Marc Maron’s good tho, I like him


Yeah I always just skip the first 10 + minutes where he does that. Guess it gets all the ads out of the way.




Two free tickets to see Acaster and some others in Manchester on Sunday going, lemme know if you want em

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Cant believe I’ve never heard this before :sweat_smile::ok_hand:t3:


One of my favourite things when that post gets a like out of nowhere :smile:


Wasn’t sure whether to post this in the Deerhoof, clppng or this thread

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Assume Acaster is drumming?

Or doing a really good Daveed Diggs impression…