Inspired by the recent Adam & Joe Christmas podcast - let’s talk about accents.

Do you like your accent?

Maybe you don’t have an accent like me, because I am from the South of England, where we don’t have accents.

Which accents are you good at?

Which accents are universally fine to impersonate without causing offence, e.g. Australian

Know anyone who does accents from time to time, normally related to certain food types, that make them massive racists, like my housemate and sometime DiSer [redacted]?



you totally have an accent!!! i don’t have an accent though seeing as i am a proper southerner.

can do a serviceable version of most UK accents except welsh, just can’t do it in the slightest.

love geordie accents.

One of my flatmates is from newcastle so regularly embarrass myself doing a daft geordie
My accent is somewhere between Welsh and “unplaceable”

you sound 112% welsh


Welsh is another one of those accents that it’s impossible to cause offence by impersonating, unless you are Tom Hardy, and then it’s offensive even to non-Welsh people.

:heart_eyes: you’d be surprised though, some people genuinely don’t believe it

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my cousins from Huddersfield once told me I sound like I’m from Eastenders, which is so far from the truth that I took it as confirmation that I definitely don’t have an accent as they were having to make something up

I just have a generic southron accent.

Like most people who are shit at accents I can at least do a West Country accent or a ludicrous over the top Eastern European Generic Dracula one.

i remember one time you said ‘here’ and i was taken aback by the welshness of it

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Area I grew up in has an accent that people find unpleasant. I don’t have it strong anyway, but it definitely comes out on certain words (down, house, south, struggle to pronounce field and filled differently, have to consciously pronounce a lot of ts).

Teaching EFL meant I had to tone it down further at work too. It comes out way stronger if I’m speaking to people from the same area/have a strong regional accent themself though.

Feels like my accent gets softer by the day. I do like it, though.

Kind of hate the generic south (east) of England accent. Find it really grating. No, I’m not trolling.

Fairly recently discovered that posh Northern accents make me feel kinda funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class.

Also soft Swedish/Danish accents.

These people don’t have ears.

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depends on who i’m talking to, sometimes i think i sound dashing and charming, other times i think i sound like a proper bog hopper

also i completely forgot about the Adam & Joe thing so THANKS

basically landed gentry.

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I’ll communicate in semaphore at Fenino.


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you’re welcome. it’s very funny. however childish it is i could listen to them doing aussie accents/talking about how it’s not offensive to do aussie accents forever probably.

I have an accent that flits between estuary english and geordie depending on what words I’m saying and who I’m talking to.

I can impersonate lots of accents. Some of them even sound like what they’re meant to.

aw mayyyte

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