Sorry, forgot to say that my hometown has quite a strong Saaarf Laaahndan/ Essex Boy type accent.

I don’t think mine is very down to earth

I remember someone on here posting an article that was claiming a generic american accent was essentially accentless, which is why non-americans sometimes sound american when singing. which is obviously bullshit.

I also remember reading that people in shakespeare’s day talked closer to modern americans than modern english people. that’s untrue as well I suspect. at least according to these people

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I have an Essex accent and quite a low voice for a girl (I think anyway).

I absolutely hate it.

It’s kinda hilarious how many people from outside the south east think that all accents from the home counties and london divide into two: posh and cockney.

this has also reminded me of the best thing about the Chicken Connoisseur - his impression of an east-end geezer, which made me realise how different seemingly similar London accents can be.

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Because I’m a massive, massive snob, I find there’s an accent poshness inverted bell curve distribution around how much a given accent annoys me. You’re definitely in the sweet spot (bbz xoxoxo).

But if it gets to me I’ll heckle you to ENUNCIATE!! to get back into the right part of the curve.

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It’s fascinating how accents change, and how quickly - like I’ve noticed the difference in east london accents in just the 10 years I’ve lived down here.

Despite being part-Welsh I can’t do the accent to save my life. Can muster a passable Scot though, and Bane (more of an impression).

Clues in my name. Used to hate my accent and coupled with not living in the Midlands for 10+ years it’s not nearly as broad as it used to be. I don’t mind it as much now but it is pretty annoying when people make a thing out of it.

I’m rubbish at other accents.

Not Sean Connery…? :joy:

I apparently don’t sound like I’m from London anymore. Someone once told me I don’t even sound southern. I don’t hate my accent, I’m neutral on it.

I remember you posting a link to fellow Highlander Karen Gillan talking about her accent, saying that there’s similarities between the Cornish accent and hers. It puzzled me at the time but I guess it must have been easier (in the days before cars) to sail from Cornwall to Inverness than it would have been to go across land to, say, Birmingham. That might explain it? Who knows.

how do we explain east and west country accents though?

Mrs CCB is very well spoken indeed (went to grammar school, did enunciation lessons and all that), and she thinks that her accent has slipped a bit as a result of being around me for so long.

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East Midlands accent: purest vowel sounds of them all.

Me duck

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By looking up what David Crystal has to say, I’d imagine.

Oh don’t ask for people who sound like Tom Kerridge, you’ll get @Slicky all hot and flustered…


Saying ‘bastard’ like Sean Bean is the only way to say it, really :slight_smile:


Best (only) good thing about my accent is the short ‘a’ imho

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This is my accent. It’s the least strong accent of anyone I know in Cork.