Acceptable behaviour in the workplace (poll thread; chat encouraged)


Let’s kick this off: eating hot porridge at your desk:

  • Always acceptable
  • Acceptable at breakfast time
  • Never acceptable

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what’s wrong with eating porridge at your desk??


Wearing socks but no shoes

  • Acceptable at all times
  • Acceptable at your desk
  • Not at all acceptable

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Probably not acceptable during a minutes silence.


Taking your shoes off:

  • No way - get the fuck out
  • Hmmm I’ll let it slide
  • Yeah absolutely I’m a complete cretin who everyone thinks is a cunt. Sod it, get the socks off as well!

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The porridge in question has made our small office smell of peanut butter. It’s rank.

(I have a smaller issue with people eating breakfast cereal at work but I will let that one pass).


Farting at a workplace urinal, with a colleague using the adjacent urinal.

  • Acceptable
  • Not acceptable
  • Pull my finger

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Option D: I’m in my own office with the door closed, frankly you’re lucky I’m even wearing trousers.


I’m pretty relaxed about general conduct but shoes off is a big, big no-no for me. Fortunately I’ve never had to manage anyone who’s into it because I’d have to have words about it.

EDIT - If you have your own office like Epimer then do what ever you like within those walls.


Spraying deodorant on yourself at your desk:

  • What the actual fuck?
  • Acceptable

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Swearing at work:

  • Abso-fucking-lutely yer prick!
  • I don’t swear myself but wouldn’t have a little cry
  • I’m 95 years old and have no real purpose in life so don’t like swearing at work and report anyone who swears to management

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Dunno why people would be against this


Because some people find it cloying or it makes them sneeze or their eyes water. Put your Lynx Africa on in the bogs.


I’ll swear when chatting privately to colleagues, but I’m not going to call someone a cunt in a meeting or anything.


Whip 'em off!


or, them people can go sneeze in the bogs


who the shitting fuck would think guffing whilst taking a piss is unacceptable ? that’s it. I’m done with DiS. Cunts.


I try really hard not to but have properly fallen off the wagon today.



I was on the receiving end of this behaviour not five minutes before making this poll.

Thinking of filing a complaint with HR.


I’d like to clarify my answer: At your desk and with socks/tights on: fine. Walking around the office or with bare feet: definitely not.