Acceptable Food Consumption

I saw someone walking down the street this morning eating a yoghurt with a spoon.
Surely this isn’t acceptable “street food”?


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Let people eat whatever they want, whenever they want.


This is like when a dictator gets exiled to a Middle East gulf state and suddenly turns into a massive free love hippie.


Do what you want isn’t it. Used to make a brew at home in my uni days and drink it en route.

This is an unusual thing to see somebody eating externally



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I once saw a man tucking into a full-sized Toblerone (not airport sized, not small sized, the first one in the sizing scale that comes in cardboard basically) on the street as if it was a normal chocolate bar, without breaking triangular chunks off or anything, just chomping it down.


Yogurt is nice. Fair play

Was he barefoot?


I’m not saying she shouldn’t. My observation is surely it’s not a street based walking along food.

You have to have two hands free. One is a spoon. Yoghurt is pretty sloppy. You could bump into someone and both end up covered in yoghurt cause you’re holding an open yoghurt with yoghurt on a spoon.

Ever seen an adult eating a Frube? I feel like they could have made external yoghurt eating go mainstream with that but they made a misstep by making it a child’s lunchbox item as opposed to a fast-paced working adult on the go item.

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I don’t think I have but I have seen adults eating cheese strings. Is this the same thing?

Similar I guess.

Its not about the sloppy yoghurts we lose bumping into people, its about the friends we make along the way


Not a fan of people eating stinky food on a bus or tube carriage, mind.

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I like it when sometimes you can open a yoghurt so perfectly that the weird filmy bit remains intact just above the surface of the main event and the shiny underside of the lid (?) is perfectly clean.

Always open them away from your eyes. Too many close calls.

People like to pretend they’re totes ok with everyone doing whatever they want whenever they want but I highly doubt they’d turn a blind eye at someone drinking a jar of pickle juice on the tube or whatever.

Someone got on our flight back from the US with stinky KFC.


Guy I used to work with used to eat a 6 pack of petit filous all at the same time. Like keep it in its 6 formation, take all the lids off and go to work. Strong ass bones.