Acceptable length of time between albums?

The Clash were done and dusted by the time of Cut The Crap yet it’s a mere decade late than their debut, less even. Gone are the days bands knocked out albums every year. Where is the genuine urgency? A Chili Peppers album every 4 years, no thanks, stinks a tad of business over art.

Don’t matter as long as the music’s good.

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Nice try, Som


Artists in the ambient genre crank them out almost yearly.

Its fine.

2 is acceptable

3 if it’s going to be a belter

4 if it’s going to change my life

5 or more - git tae fuck!

Would have flagged Scott Walker for having form in the incredible waits department:

Nite Flights, 1974 to Climate of Hunter, 1984 - 10 years
CoH to Tilt, 1995 - 11 years
Tilt to The Drift, 2006 - 11 years

…but then Bish Bosch was a mere 6 years after The Drift, and Soused was only two after that! He’ll be back banging out two a year before long, mark my words.