Acceptable Name Shortenings

Jonathan -> Jon :white_check_mark:
Barry -> Barrence :x:
Nigel -> Nige :white_check_mark:
Steven -> Ste :x:

How about Jonathan -> Nathan?

my sister insists that Nicholas -> Nich is more correct than Nicholas -> Nick. she is wrong.

Jonathaniel? Don’t make me laugh.

Jack > John
John > Jack

Nicholas -> Nich :x:
Nicholas -> Nick :white_check_mark:, natch

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Where do we stand on Philip?

  • Phil
  • Pip

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As a Jonathan, I’m going to say :x:

Jonathan shortenings:
Jon :white_check_mark:
Jonny :white_check_mark:
Jonty :x:
Jona(h) :x:
Jon-Jon (what my grandma called me) :white_check_mark:

  • Pip
  • Phil
  • Either
  • Neither

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thanks, will show her this post next time i see her so she knows that she is officially wrong :+1:

All approved, but last one only on that technicality.

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if i was a Philip i would definitely want to be called Phil and definitely not Pip. i do like referring to Philips as Pip though.

Some people automatically shorten my name to “Nik”.

I used to get very irked about it, but now I quite like it.

The only acceptable name shortenings are those than people choose themselves.


Christopher -> Topher :x:

the technicality being that it’s adorable. Thanks m9

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In South Wales, whatever your name is you are going to be referred to by the first syllable, even if it doesn’t make sense. I’ve even seen within-syllable shortenings, like Mar for Mark, Ste (again) for Steven, etc. So somewhere between the first sound and the first syllable.

FYI I find this acceptable

Richard isn’t hard…

  • Rich
  • Richie
  • Rick
  • Rik
  • Ricky
  • Dick
  • Dickie

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