Acceptable start and finish times for DIY at home

Lovely finish with those breezeblocks. I painted my garage and it really makes it a nicer space

Really need to get to ikea so I can get the shelves finished

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I’m sold! The Fitbit idea is genius, I could set the Fitbit account up on their phone and then they can see when I’m moving by the step count going up. You’ve solved it!

Glad to have helped.

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Did they stop after you told them to shut up


Actually, to their credit, when I shouted “SHUT THE F*** UP!” they did stop. Which is great, but also makes me think that they realised that they shouldn’t have been doing it at that time in the first place.


This really wouldn’t work for me because at the moment being out of bed does not significantly change my step count

he’s probably thinking “you spent ages adding more storage and then just stuff us all up here with no rhyme or reason you monster”

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Soz if it’s already been said but my answers are for WEEKDAYS ONLY. Weekend DIYers should wait until about 11am, by rule of law.

Weekdays, I’m awake by 8am and should be out of bed so can’t really complain if Mick next door wants to get the drill out.

yeah, painted the floor as well as was concrete and dust was awful. Breeze blocks were annoying to paint, very thirsty. Did them with a big brush in the end

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Very nice. That’s perfectly acceptable though the times you did that.
I’m not against people doing DIY at home, we all want to make the place we live better in someway, just be a little considerate of when you do it.

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I worked in an office in Soho for a while and they demolished the (terraced) building next door to replace it with a new one. This involved six weeks of driving massive metal piles into the ground and it literally made our building rock from side to side by a few inches. The council told them they could only do it between 9:00 and 12:00 and 14:00 and 17:00, but it was a bloody nightmare.

OK, we can adjust it, maybe go with resting heart rate instead.

I’m taking this idea way too seriously!

I don’t think that’s going to be very different either!

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I won’t even play my guitar before 10 am never mind get the pneumatic drill out.

I feel so strongly about this that I’m agreeing with kermit ffs


It’s OK. We all agree that it’s OK to post about dreams between the hours of 10am and 5pm.

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No one should be doing DIY during these current times anyway. Everyone knows people are mostly at home or working at home so any DIY right now is completely inconsiderate! Fuck off!

As an aside, what time does everyone start making calls at work?
If I started work at 9am I wouldn’t call anyone, colleagues or customers, until 9.30ish. Give people time to have their morning tea/coffee, catch up with their emails, generally settle in.

  • I just call people whenever, who cares if they haven’t even had a chance to get themselves set up and ready, I’m very busy and important
  • I do this too
  • I don’t do this but you make an excellent point here, gnome! I’ll consider this when making calls in the future.
  • I work in a call centre, leave me alone

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perfect time to do it! get some headphones!

  • You’re locked down, get that DIY done!
  • Oh but someone might be on a zoom call, don’t do it!

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did you not see where I said