Acceptable substitutes for washing-up liquid

this is a classic in our house :smiley:

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Oooo, nice

Crude oil

Have you had the pink stuff? I’ve only used the cream version so far as it was all I could get in Chorlton but put a tub of the paste on my xmas shop and I can’t wait as you can use that on more things I think. It got all the soap scum off my glass shower door, and all those burned coloured marks you get under pans off. You can use it on everything. Big xmas plan is to scrub my grouting with it.

Absolutely love these bizarre cleaning products that just seem to nuke all grot completely with no fuss, just a bit of scrubbing. I’ll have to go and get some of this Pink Stuff

I almost wept with joy at how clean it got my shower.

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It’s great gear. Shits all over Cillit Bang.

They sell it in that massive hardware shop next to Tesco on Withington Road, or they did anyway.

Oh great shout, I never seem to go in there so I’ll check it out.

Just put some of that pink stuff on the aul shopping list

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Does anyone else turn into Mary Poppins when they’re hungover?

Can spend a good two hours happily scrubbing the bathroom.

Never get the urge unless I’m blowing out of my backside.

I cleaned our friend’s house (well, the downstairs) after a New Years party the other year, did the skirting boards and all, because I was up early with our kid and everyone else was sleeping. He then told me off for not putting his glassware back right (I think he was secretly grateful)

You’ll never forget this day

The last few times I got properly drunk I went into cleaning mode and what a delight that is to wake up to when you’re feeling awful. Really liked that drunk version of me.

As much as I like cleaning all I want for xmas is someone to come over and clean my oven and microwave.

(Can you get gift vouchers from cleaners? That’d be such a great gift!)

My missus does this when it gets near to the bottom of the bottle and without fail i think it’s only a bit of full fat liquid left so give it a proper hard shake squeeze combo and it all goes in the sink and we waste more than if she hadn’t put the water in

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There’s a good bit in Malcolm in the middle, where Lois has to throw out one of Dewey’s scabby old soft toys due to ‘germs’ and he becomes obsessed with cleaning and getting rid of germs and Lois says ‘dont forget the germs in the oven’

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you know what? I’ve never seen Malcom in the Middle but its on my to binge list for the new year.

There should be something that you can just put in your oven and close the door and it explodes and makes it all clean. Why is this invention not receiving the same funding and resources as a covid vaccine.