Accessible albums by inaccessible bands

Just a thread to post accesible albums by what you’d consider bands that are tough to get ‘into’ basically an excuse to recommend a band and post their most easily digested album. You never know, this might be the initial bread crumb for you to get into a band you’ve long heard about but been far too overwhelmed to get into.

Going to post the duo of albums that inspired this thread. Currently listening to some late-era records from The Residents and this doubleheader is largely considered the bands Rennaissance period some 40 years into their career. These 2 records took on a far more melodic approach to their songwriting which was always present but usually shrouded in avant-garde experimentation. These 2 records see the avant-garde side of things by in large stripped back in place of pure melodic songwriting and both records are largely successful in marrying the quirky lyrics/concepts with this new approach and whilst both records are indeed far less experimental than their peers they still maintain a rather surreal edge which keeps them interesting.

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Would Boris’s Pink count?

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Edit: Beaten

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For anyone whose only experience of Captain Beefheart is trout mask replica:


wait the residents have actually released some good albums recently?

Was gonna say this (haven’t listened to Clear Spot yet)


IMHO yes. Their 80s and 90s stuff was poor for the most part but i like a few of their 00s releases

Future Days and Soundtracks are both very accessible introductions to Can

Giant Steps for John Coltrane

Amber for Autechre

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not a studio album but i think that recent singles comp is a very good Can intro. accessible tracks plus nice digestible single edits of tracks that are usually 20 minutes long.

turns to absolute shite towards the end though

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I don’t disagree with that (especially how awful the last third of it is) but I don’t think we can have singles compilations in this thread though. They often are a good introduction to bands but I don’t think we are allowed to admit that.

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I really like Rabbit Habbit and Ghost of Hope as well

Tweedles is okay if you can get over the crass lyrics

The artwork for all their recent albums is awful

And Tago Mago.

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A lot of Tago Mago is sky-scrapingly brilliant but a fair bit of it is ‘difficult’ I would say. Peking O is particularly hard going at times.

I’ve grown to appreciate most of their ‘classic period’ records and they all have moments of absolute genius but Future Days is the only one I love every second of.

Soundtracks is a bit of a guilty pleasure- I know it’s not as serious and worthy as the other records but it’s an absolute blast to listen to. It’s not much value as an introduction to Can because it is such an outlier.

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yeah I think that might be part of why I haven’t listened to them

might investigate a few though, cheers

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Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth

yeah Tago Mago is great but i tend to skip the two tracks that just feel like an endless nothing. which adds up to nearly half an hour.

Ege Bamyasi always felt like the accessible one to me, come to think of it. it even has the hit.


Yeah check out Demons Dance Alone. Animal Lover. Rabbit Habbit. Ghost of Hope. I am A Resident and Tweedles

I think they’re all great

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I’d say Sonic Nurse is more accessible than Daydream Nation.

Cloudland by Pere Ubu.

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The Modern Dance is pretty accessible I think (and great). I’ve found most of the other stuff I’ve heard by them hard going.

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