Accidental Damage Power Thread



Do you have it for Buildings and/or contents?

Let’s fucking go!




Who is having fun!


Some feedback for you:

I found the thread title slightly confusing at first.

Thank you


THANK YOU for YOUR feedback!


Thought this was going to be a thread about accidentally breaking things due to being very strong and powerful

I broke the cord on the bathroom light yesterday. I’m a powerful man


Have some deliberate damage…


Oi Tim, when we moved into our gaff they had one of those in the kitchen… what the fuck? We got rid of it tout suite.


Buildings or contents?


Your chain mail over leather armour would be contents I suppose.


We did when we thought the boys would break stuff. Now we don’t bother as they never did - nothing worth claiming on anyway


Accidental Damage sound like one of those ealy-00s manufactured ‘urban’ boy-bands.


Yeah I have never bothered before and then I thought I might be being a dick.


Look at this urban lot


Who the fuck ever rolled a D20 for damage?

Or are you rolling it as a d10?


i could easily derail this thread with cycling chat

consider this a threat


That is pretty ill behaviour.


I could delete all your posts.

Consider this a threat.


I don’t deal with buildings insurance, I think (hope) the factor does that. Contents I don’t have a clue.


get buildings cover as part of my factors cost. have separate contents mainly for bike insurance wahey bikes