Accidental emojis

One of my reports spent nearly 300 Euros on their work phone making personal calls which was highlighted to me by HR who asked me to talk to them about it. I had a chat and it turned out it was because they used the wrong SIM card in a dual SIM phone and they were quite distressed about the whole thing as you can imagine, as that’s not a small amount of money.

Afte finding out the reason, I sent a message over chat to a girl I’ve recently been seeing and had told about the situation, because I’d mentioned it and she was curious as to what had happened too. However instead of just using the grimace emoji at the end, I accidentally slipped a big smiling one in there too. I felt a bit uncomfortable about mentioning it at all, but now not only am I sharing this sort of information with someone else, but I look like I find it funny too. Basically showing myself up to be an arsehole on multiple levels.

Also, on Android, when you get a notification on Facebook Messenger in the bottom left of the popup it says Like. If you hit this, it sends a thumbs up to that person. A thumbs up in a conversation is always a passive aggressive action. This is the worst feature that ever existed. So many times I’ve gone to swipe the fucking notification away, only to send a random thumbs up to someone. In the below example, I’d asked a comedian if I could use a clip of their set at the show I run as part of a promo video I was putting together, we’re not particularly close. I saw the popup while doing something else entirely, swiped it away, accidentally liked, and then had to stop what I was doing to point out that was an accident.

I have no idea how to turn it off and it’s only a matter of time before it happens again.

Skype has some shockers for this, I think :B is one or something. I never learn.


Someone who reports to me

i figured it out but that’s the first time i’ve heard that phrase

If you click on the person’s name at the top of the messenger chat, you can change the default emoji. My chat with my gf now has the wave, it’s much nicer when she’s accidently waving at me.

or you could change it to the poo emoji and really make things worse.

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This is true, and I’ve done this with people I know well enough to do this. However to do this with someone I don’t know so well feels like a strange thing to do.


Better or worse than giving them an accidental thumbing, tho

Accidental thumbing

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Still feels like a totally weird thing to do, send a message to a promoter asking for a spot, then immediately change the default emoji to a wave or something. I mean, you’re right that it’s better than the alternative, but why the fuck is this a thing in the first place!?

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Keep accidently adding inappropriate reaction gifs whilst scrolling Facebook on my phone. No idea why that button has to exist anyway. Don’t understand half of the reaction gifs either


Also don’t understand how to post reaction gifs when I actually want to!

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I keep accidentally hitting the “Interested” quick response on Facebook marketplace posts and not realising until I get messaged by the seller asking if I’m still interested in their FENDER MARK HOPPUS SIGNATURE BASS (HAND REFINISHED IN HOT PINK)


Is this how it is generally received? I use them all the time and I never do so with that intention, just a reflection of my irl over use of the gesture.

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I usually interpret them as either a passive aggressive response or a way of forcefully saying “this conversation is OVER” with very few exceptions

I generally take it as friendly agreement, affirmation or reassurance. Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong.

Only a poll can decide!

What does a thumbs up in a conversation usually mean to you?

  • Passive aggressive statement / agreement
  • A real life thumbs up and a big smile recreated in emoji form
  • This is the end of the conversation
  • Positive reaffirmation
  • I want to shove this thumb inside you
  • I have no fingers, just wanted you to know
  • I enjoyed the film Gladiator
  • Other (please specify)

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change the thumbs up to a poodle or a gun


:eyes: this one isn’t creepy at all

Funnily enough, I have those in two separate chats with people but chose neither.

Usually I just go for the sunglasses emoji