Accidental emojis

I have a massive fear of accidentally doing stuff on facebook and lo and behold i did repost someone’s picture the other day. I never repost anything, I don’t know them very well and I wouldn’t even have known if they hadn’t messaged me instantly asking me about it.

So utter cringe. I deleted the post (once I’d figured out how to do it) and then threw my phone on the sofa and looked at it fearfully for the next half an hour.


Same here. I definitely overuse the thumbs up in both text messages and real life. Worried I’m turning into ol’ Macca

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I’m trying more for:



I always use it as a polite conversation ender.

Them: see you at the pub at 8
Me: :+1:


Hi my name’s ma0sm and I’ve got a girlfriend

I have never posted anything accidentally , this thread is not for me

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