Accidentally stood on my mates hand once when I was wearing running spikes


How bad’s that

I accidentally smashed Jezza in the face with a hockey stick

  • Tom Watson
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I accidentally dropped an electrical manhole on my mates finger trying to jack it up to use as a ramp for skateboarding

I accidentally snapped two of Charlotte’s fingers when being boisterous and I’ve never been boisterous since

Accidentally jumped on my lovely dog Scooby’s paws once on my disco hopper.

Still haunts me

Accidentally tripped a kid into a puddle

Think he was called Joshua

Not sure what the kid was called though hahah


Missed handing off a mate playing rugby at school and caught him with my forearm/elbow by accident and put his nose across his face. Can still remember the crack

I accidentally split my brother’s head open with a garden-table-umbrella pole once

He needed 4 or 5 stitches

I accidentally hospitalised Hannah and left her with a permanent scar on her philtrum by launching a plastic plate across the room like a frisbee as she walked in