According to @thewarn's season guide it is now spring



it does not appear to be at all springy. please advise.


Its a bit springs over substance


Outstanding thread
Outstanding reply

Give yourselves a round of applause.


Good - Winter II was a bitch tbh tbf…


Winter III. Not considered the best one (but that’s just me).


About time. Three months of winter, one month of double winter and two months of winter II has been a strain.


I mean, this is just brilliantly clever.


I don’t… get it?


Can’t wait to see what Winter IV will bring



Always thought spring and autumn are only brief transitory periods, shouldn’t be full seasons, should be 1.5 months each




Might forgive myself for having missed that thread, though

Hello, I run a foam factory.

is beautiful.


I’ve not read that thread before.

I’ve just had to step away from my desk as I was in danger of properly losing it…



Sad times :frowning:


I’m sure we could tempt him onto the new boards by starting a thread about mattresses.


Hey @thewarn, did you get a notification when someone @'d you in a thread title?


Didn’t mean to reply to @Raanraals. Sorry @Raanraals.


Winter: Sept 1 - Dec 31
Winter II: Dec 1 - Feb 28/29
Smarch: March 1 - March 31
Spring: March 1 - May 31
Summer June 1 - Aug 31


I liked it because I want to look clever