"Acting is reacting"

Really cannot stress enough how impressed I am with myself for this. I consider myself a humble and modest soul but this really is a fucking excellent and insightful sentence that is impressive to think about (and say aloud)

Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren have been reading @anon5266188’s posts.

I’m going to see this film on Saturday. I am looking forward to some universal truths being revealed by the lies of it’s stars.

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Isn’t this just a slightly altered version of a very famous quote by some artist bellend

Very serious accusation here

The fuck are you on about?

We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth, at least the truth that is given us to understand

- Some fucking nobhead

Nothing like as pithy, memorable or inherently intelligent as my one. Please never speak about it to me again.


Sometimes Ant, you really make a cunt of yourself

(I am not offended by this and bear no ill-will at all but let’s watch the C-bombs in light of recent discussions on here eh x)

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Sometimes wonder if Ant and AggPass are the same person

I doubt the accuracy of this graph

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I’d love to be an actor, honestly thing I’d smash it.

Wouldn’t waste my time in theatre though “honing my craft” - straight to BIG TIME films and telly for me.

This is ‘fair’ and also ‘reasonable’

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I am nothing if not “fair” and “reasonable”

I can think of times when you have been ‘unfair’ and/or ‘unreasonable’, actually

How many?

He’s like my less handsome and charming twin

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That’s a crock