Anyone here acted in any things? Anyone had any close encounters?

I’m an improv performer and teacher, but haven’t had many acting roles because I’m not great at it, but will be filming a speaking role in a UK TV drama the day after tomorrow and I am getting quite nervous about it despite it being quite simple.

I’ve done music videos and non-speaking roles in the past which was great, but do find anything scripted brings out the more wooden side of me, which is a real challenge to get past.

Anyone done any of the old acting? Any tips?


Saw a course based on the Meisner Technique the other day, thought I might try it out but nervous it’s an antiquated waste of time.

I worked in a call centre for so long that I think I accidentally learned lots about acting



Yeah was abducted by aliens in ‘64

The very best of luck to you xx


Be related to a famous casting director. Seems to work well for lots of people.


I did an immersive theatre thing many years ago, which is a form I adore because it combines character work and improv but without specific scripts, and would jump on a chance to do immersive theatre again. It’s just a shame that I haven’t really encountered it much since living in London.

I guess I’m not under the illusion that much will come of this in a career aspect, but I can imagine a full TV filming thing is quite intense when you’re less familiar with it so thought maybe some people here have some wise words

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I always get the giggles whenever I try

I was Doodles in Bugsy Malone once, had 1 line ‘wheres my flower boss?’

A school production not the film

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I was Yoda in a school play and was in the local paper for it

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I was pretty good at the ol’ acting back before I got into playing music to feed my attention addiction. I guess I somewhat subscribed to the Stanislavsky/“method” school but I don’t really have any helpful tips as it came pretty naturally to me.

It’s a massive cliché but “acting is reacting”; the biggest mistake “bad actors” make is to be obviously saying a prepared statement rather than reacting to a prompt. I always assumed that’s why improv is (seemingly) such a good starting point for many actors, hopefully you’ll find the same



I did some school plays. One included dressing in drag which was fun.

Oh actually I was in a road safety video that almost definitely doesnt exist too, that wasnt fun it involved being in a boiling hot bus for ages.

Imagine pretending not to like (early) Friends


I believe you should imagine the audience watching at home naked


Yeah I have

What you should do is pretend to be the person you’re portraying in the film or play


Haven’t really, except for just then when I acted out someone who had acted before

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