Active bands that we're way overdue an album from

Boards of Canada, come on lads, one album in 14 years

Must be due a Radioheads next year?


reckon AMSP will be the last radiohead album tbh


The Wrens


Not sure we’re due a RH album, no.

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Guided By Voices. It’s been at least 5 minutes.


Daft Punk
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

(neither of these will happen obviously)

TV on the Radio

(might happen)


It depends what you call ‘active’ but I don’t think they’ve ever officially broken up.


Think there are a few that would have been back by now if it wasn’t for Covid. Bet Autechre would have been out sooner for example so it is probably a bit skewed and Frank Ocean was definitely building up to something for Coachella. Portishead have been rumoured to be working on something earlier this year but, they have been subject to rumours since Third.

Of the ones that have not been rumoured to have been working on something Beyonce, LCD Soundsystem, Jamie T, TV On The Radio is a cracking shout, Ought (although that might just feel a long time ago rether than actually being a long time ago).

My Bloody Valentine for jokes.

All the rest will probably be mentioned.

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Atlas Sound and Lotus Plaza.

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Genghis Tron

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Cat Power?

Not sure if she actively makes music these days though.

Came here to say Daft Punk, think there’s every chance they’ll do something. I’m basing that on absolutely nothing, by the way.

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There is no other band higher than BoC on my new-album-wishlist. It’s almost a physical need.

Super Furry Animals are still touring (I think?) but no new SFA album for 11 years.
Tom Waits has been quiet for a very long time, as had David Sylvian.
Seven years since the last The Haxan Cloak album (Krlic’s Midsommer soundtrack was stunning, though)
Seven years since Random Access Memories.
Six years since the last proper Aphex Twin album.
Also, incredibly, six years has elapsed since Todd Terje put out It’s Album time.
Goldfrapp are hopefully due a new one soon.


The Haxan Cloak is another good shout. He posts instagrams of his studio all the time. It looks very, very nice.

Zola Jesus
Beach House
Savages although I don’t know what the status of them is.

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i suspected that but i think they’ve suggested otherwise

Styles We Paid For due out in December!


Loads of the electronic lot: Forest Swords, Hudson Mohawke, Andy Stott, BoC, Ben Frost, Gold Panda.


surprised we’ve nearly got to the end of 2020 and there’s been no annual Ty Segall album (apart from Fuzz and Wasted Shirt and that EP of Harry Nilsson covers).

probably waiting until he can tour.

really? i’d be surprised tbh