Activism / Donation / Support for Palestine 🇵🇸

A thread to document practical things we can do. Please share anything you are aware of including upcoming protests, places to donate to etc.

I’ll try to keep a running list here if I can edit this post so things are easy to find.

Please do your own research and make sure you are happy before donating / participating etc


Medical Aid for Palestinians ( thanks @OtherCoop )

Palestine Action - helping to support direct action and associated legal funds Donate - Palestine Action


Edit: removed, seems there’s problems with Nomad eSIMs although some others may be working


Sign up to participate in direct action Join the resistance - Palestine Action (make sure you fully consider the consequences first)

Sign Oxfam ceasefire petition Gaza Israel Conflict: call for a ceasefire now | Sign petition | Oxfam GB

Install browser extension that blurs out BDS company products Activism / Donation / Support for Palestine 🇵🇸 - #20 by BodyInTheThames


Fri 3 Nov Attend Pelican House bonfire fundraiser event (London). See details at THIS WEEK: Palestine Assembly Wed 01 | Palestine Fundraiser Fri 03 & More!

Fri 3 & Sat 4 Nov Attend protests in Bristol. See details at Activism / Donation / Support for Palestine 🇵🇸 - #7 by the_ravens

Sat 4 Nov Attend protest in Leeds. See details at Activism / Donation / Support for Palestine 🇵🇸 - #8 by sarahispi

Sat 4 Nov Attend protest at Trafalgar Square. See details at Activism / Donation / Support for Palestine 🇵🇸 - #11 by wewerewerewolvesonce

Sat 4 Nov Attend pretest in Bath. See details at Activism / Donation / Support for Palestine 🇵🇸 - #21 by lustig

Sat 4 & Sun 5 Nov Protests happening across UK. Find your closest one at Activism / Donation / Support for Palestine 🇵🇸 - #18 by shrewbie

Sun 5 Nov Attend Cafe Oto (Dalston) event (short film, performances) with proceeds going to Medical Aid for Palestinians


Haven’t kept up with the Israel/Palestine thread but would like to donate. What’s the basis for choosing Medical Aid for Palestinians?

Someone in the other thread suggested donating to the Palestine Action legal fund, they’re doing great work

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No basis, just recommended by someone in the other thread. I’ll add a disclaimer to stress that these aren’t endorsements and everyone should do their own research before donating / do so at their own risk.

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Not sure if this whole link will display correctly, but Cafe Oto are hosting a fundraiser for Map, with Dirar Kalash + Kareem Samara


Bristol protests (Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th)

Event by School Strike for Palestine

College Green

Public · Anyone on or off Facebook

School Strike for Palestine 🇵🇸
Fri 3 Nov 11am
College Green, Bristol BS1 5TR

Calling all school age kids + their adults to join together outside Bristol City Council.

WHAT: A protest for the thousands of Palestinian children killed + injured by the Israeli Military strikes this month alone.

WHY: We express our heartbreak + outrage at the killing of children, and extend our deepest solidarity to every family affected.

OUR DEMAND: That Bristol MPs Kerry McCarthy, Darren Jones, Karin Smyth + Thangam Debbonaire demand an immediate ceasefire.

WHAT TO BRING: Placards, banners.

If you don’t have children in your life but want to support kids at the protest, or have children but can’t for whatever reason bring them, also please come along too.

Please share as widely as you can.

Thank you ✊❤️🇵🇸

Event by Bristol Stop the War Coalition and Bristol Psc

Castle Park, Bristol

Public · Anyone on or off Facebook

Saturday 4th November is a national day of protest against the Israeli assault on Gaza & the support for it from Rishi Sunak and the UK government.

Last week, over 500,000 people marched in London and over 15,000 in Bristol in what were historic demonstrations for Palestine.

At the London protest, The Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Stop the War Coaliton & the Muslim Assocation of Britain called for protests in over 70 towns and cities across the UK to demand an immediate ceasefire.

Our movement is having an effect. Join us next week in Castle Park from 1pm onwards to march to College Green & demand that Bristol City Council & Marvin Rees add their voices to those calling for a ceasefire and for an end to the occupation



will update this post

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Thanks for sharing - I often don’t find out about these things until it’s too late, as I’m not on facebook.

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Is there another march in London this weekend? Cant find any info…

There’s a gathering at Trafalgar Square at 2:30

But also a number of local actions which PSC are tracking

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Thanks everyone - have updated the opening post and will continue to do so. Feel welcome to post photos from any events you go to here as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Pelican House are hosting a number of different events this week including a fireworks night to fundraise for various Palestine affiliated organizations.

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This is something I’m currently working on, alongside other activity. We’re approaching 100,000 signatures and will be handing these in on Thursday.


Dunno what channel they use for organising but sisters uncut are having a sit in at Liverpool St station now


Not a super practical/useful thing but I’m realising just how important finding and mutually supporting others is right now. My colleague brought up that she’d been struggling and I just completely broke down trying to say the same. I felt guilty because she is so much closer to it than me (she’s Jordanian) but it was so important to allow that conversation to take place.

There will be a lot of very isolated activists struggling on their own and we need to look out for each other.


if anyone is about in London tonight


Lots of local actions across the UK this weekend

London (Central): Trafalgar Square, 2.30pm

Nationwide: Ride For Gaza Cycle Rides, 4th & 5th November

Bristol: Assemble Castle Park, 1pm

Cambridge: Assemble at King’s Parade, 1.30pm

Carlisle: City Centre, 1pm-2pm

Chatham: Mustering at the Salvation Army at 2pm, marching along High Street, rally next to the Thomas Waghorn (Wetherspoons) by the old sundial.

Coventry: Broadgate by Primark, 12pm

Dorchester: Town Pump (top South Street, opp Corn Exchange), 12 noon

Dumfries: Robert Burns Statue, High Street, 2pm-3pm

Durham: Market Square, 1pm-2pm

Eastbourne: Bankers Corner, 11am

Exeter: Assemble Bedford Square on Exeter High St, 12 noon

Fife: The Mercat Cross, Dunfermline High Street, 12 noon

Hastings: Meet Warrior Square Gardens, 12noon, Rally in Wellington Place, 1pm

Hitchin: Windmill Hill, 12noon-2pm

Isle of Wight: St James’ Square, Newport, Isle of Wight, 4.30 pm

Kingston: Deliver letter to Ed Davey’s Office, 11am, walk to main entrance of Bentall Centre for short vigil, 12pm-2pm

Kirkwall: St Magnus Cathedral, 12noon-1pm

Launceston, Cornwall: Town Square, 12:30pm. Static show of solidarity and petition to local MP.

Leamington Spa: Outside Leamington Spa Town Hall, 11am-12noon

Leeds: Leeds Art Gallery, Headrow LS1 3AA, 11:30 am. March round town at 12:15pm and back to Leeds Art Gallery for rally and speeches.

Lincoln: Assemble at 2pm top of High Street, near Cardinal’s Hat. Rally at 2:30pm, Cornhill Square.

Liverpool: Gather Outside Catholic Cathedral, L3 5TQ at 2pm, marching to Derby Square

London, Camden: Euston Station Piazza, 12.30pm

London, Hackney: Dalston Junction, 12pm

London, Harrow: Assemble 11.30am at Katie’s Statue, Harrow Town Centre – marching to Gareth Thomas MP’s office, 132-134 Blenheim Road, Harrow, HA2 7AA

London, Islington: Highbury Corner 12:30pm

London, Lewisham: Lewisham Town Hall, 11.45am – March to Rally at Lewisham Clocktower, 1.45pm

London, Redbridge: Redbridge Town Hall, 12noon

London, Tower Hamlets: Altab Ali Park, Adler Street, E1 1FD, 12:30pm

Luton: Luton Town Hall, 12noon

Milton Keynes: Vigil – Assemble 12.45pm at Milton Keynes Central Station.

Newcastle: Assemble at Civic Centre, 11.30am – march to rally and vigil at Monument.

Northampton: Silent Vigil at Cobbler’s Last by the Grosvenor Centre, 12noon.

Nottingham: Assemble Forest Recreation Ground, 12noon

Oxford: Bonn Square, Queen Street, 11am

Plymouth: Assemble Place de Brest, Armada Way, Plymouth, 12noon

Portsmouth: Assemble Guildhall Square, 12noon

Sheffield: Assemble at Sheffield Town Hall, 11am

Shrewsbury: Pride Hill, Shrewsbury (nr. Body Shop/Greggs), 11am

Southend: Meet Pier Hill (Beyond Royals), 12noon march to rally at Victoria Circus

Southampton: Guildhall Square, 12 noon

Tunbridge Wells: Street stall and vigil near Metro Bank, Calverley Rd, 11am-2pm

Wimbledon: Vigil at Centre Court, 12noon-2pm

Wolverhampton: Vigil for Gaza, Queen’s Square, 2pm-3pm

Worthing: Stall in Town Centre, Montague Place, BN11 3GB, 12noon-1.15pm

York: Assemble St Helen’s Square, 2pm

Sunday 5 November

Aberdeen: RAF Lossiemouth, Main Gate, IV31 6TU, 2pm

Birmingham: Meet outside Primark, High St, 12.30pm

Brighton: Assemble Palmeira Sq, Hove, 12pm. Vigil at Brighton Peace Statue, 2pm.

Chester: Outside Chester Town Hall, 12noon-1pm

Derby: Silent Vigil, outside the Derby Council House, 5pm

High Wycombe: Corn Market, High St, High Wycombe, 1.30pm.

Waltham Forest: Walthhamstow Market Square, 12noon

Also Glasgow


Will try to get to York if I think I can manage my anxiety.

Probably worth popping this in here


Boycott brands supporting Israeli apartheid

^ a browser extension that blurs out products from companies on the BDS list

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