Actors that turn up in odd/unusual roles



Was watching A Clockwork Orange at the weekend and Fred Elliott (I say - Fred Elliott) off Corrie turned up.

Charlie Fairhead off Casualty is in The Long Good Friday and tells Helen Mirren’s character that he wants to “lick every inch of you” (boke)

Any others?


when rik mayall pops up for about 5 seconds in american werewolf in london.


steve buscemi in all those sandler films


also pierce brosnan is a silent IRA assassin in TLGF isn’t he.


such a great ending


One for @TKC: Alf Roberts as a property developer slash pornographer in Get Carter. Michael Caine throws him off that car park in Newcastle


the mobility scooter grandma from classic ITV comedy Benidorm is in Brazil. I noticed. The other week.

Someone from the Bill in Quadrophenia.


He’s a big man but out of shape.



doesn’t quite fit the bill, and i’m sure everybody knows this already, but the character that eventually became mrs brown (of mrs brown’s boys fame) was originally played by anjelica huston:


Mariah Carey in Precious.


Fucking Ade Edmondson in Ster Wers.


Billy Zane in that bizarre Wheel of Time pilot


And Back To The Future. With Flea


Must’ve been a deleted scene

(The fucking bit, I mean)


As in you didn’t see him? He was in it quite a bit in the one I saw.


Leonard Rossiter in 2001


Nah I was doing a dumb joke. I double took so hard there were tremors in the force


Fred Elliot in A Clockwork Orange!


↑ great shout