Actors that turn up in odd/unusual roles



RHCP in Thrashin’.

Who’s with me?!


It’s the oddest thing. FGTH do a version of Relax, on the premise that they are recording a music video iirc. Reminded me of the bit that used to happen in The Young Ones when there would be a musical interlude and Madness (or whoever) would be in the kitchen singing their latest track



Remember Culkin in the Sunday video being a massive deal at the time, mainly as no one had seen much of him since Richie Rich and then THIS:


Watched Smiley’s People a while back and that has some weird cameos including Maureen Lipman, Ingrid Pitt out of the Hammer Horror films and the guy who plays the poacher in Withnail and I. Also brilliant that Alec Guinness’ arch-enemy is played by Patrick Stewart!


The guy who plays Arthur dent on the TV and radio versions of the hitchhikers guide is in Miracle on 34th St




Matt Damon randomly showing up in Unsane for about 10 minutes was a bit strange.



Tony from Hollyoaks in a Mike and the Mechanics video


Is it common knowledge that the actress that plays Susan Kennedy is from Northern Ireland?


That’s Boon, pal.


I didn’t know that roasty but I’m no neighbours expert.


Danny Dyer in a Mansun video


Still freaks my nut out to this day


Bruce Forsyth as a knife-weilding henchman in Bedknobs and Broomsticks


never got used to seeing hollyoaks as the main character in ‘american gods’


He’s been in loads of stuff though. Lost, 24, one of those Captain America films…


Actually his IMDB page show off his range rather well. He’s played roles as diverse as Ian Beale, Ian, Ian Beale (uncredited) and Ian/Ian Beale.