Actors that turn up in odd/unusual roles



Nah. the guy who played the Green cross code man was the body actor for Darth Vader, JEJ only did the voice. David Prowse is his name. He came to our school when I was a nipper :slight_smile:


Did you ask him if he’d be interested in a deal with Keith Prowse whereby everyone gets to the gig all safe and sound?


Sadly not. Opportunity missed there !


Alf Roberts from Coronation Street getting thrown off a multi story car park by Michael Caine in Get Carter


Anthrax in Calendar Girls!


Martin Freeman in a Faith No More video


I just looked up this video and never thought I’d encounter such a crossover between Mike Patton and Benidorm


Noah Baumbach films often have stuff like that. Dean Wareham plays a yoga instructor or something in While We’re Young.


He was also in the last season of The X-Files, as one of the new conspiracy syndicate.



And The OC, and as the Australian ambassador in Flight of the Conchords


Since doing the soundtrack to Squid and the Whale, he’s popped up in lots of Baumbach films

The weirdest musician cameo that I can think of is J Mascis as the janitor in The Double.

My favourite is maybe Tom Waits in Mystery Men


Craig Dean from Hollyoaks in a leading role as Dj khaleds assistant in pitch perfect 3

Still can’t act


Nick Cave’s son was hilarious in a (brief) role in The End of the F**king World


dan sullivan from eastenders as a baddie in cliffhanger


Kevin Smith was in about 30 seconds of Scream 3


Robert De Nero in everything after 1995.


He’s also an irked neighbour in Mistress America, I believe


I really liked Mistress America. The best use of OMD’s Souvenir too.


I will see this and raise you Jason Statham oiled up and dressed in a loincloth in a Shamen video.


This too: