Actors that turn up in odd/unusual roles



Toby Jones in the Gomez Whippin Piccadilly video.


Tegs from Grange Hill in the 300 parody film


I can’t work out if it’s better that you did a genuine mess up or if I preferred it when I thought you were doing an excellent @VincentAdultman level joke…


Edited the title to remove ‘actresses’ because outside of the Oscars I think the trend is definitely to move away from this sort of gendering of occupations or whatever.

(Not aimed @ Noah in any way, just a thing.)

DiS Thought Police


it was definitely the latter, definitely


Vincent Gallo in Airplane


Gruey from Gruey having actual on screen sex in 9 Songs raised an eyebrow from me


Once told him to get down off a fence at Alton Towers. I was working there at the time so I did have the authority to do so.


He always was a wrong 'un


Nah he was just a loveable rogue