Actors that turn up in odd/unusual roles



Toby Jones in the Gomez Whippin Piccadilly video.


Tegs from Grange Hill in the 300 parody film


I can’t work out if it’s better that you did a genuine mess up or if I preferred it when I thought you were doing an excellent @VincentAdultman level joke…


Edited the title to remove ‘actresses’ because outside of the Oscars I think the trend is definitely to move away from this sort of gendering of occupations or whatever.

(Not aimed @ Noah in any way, just a thing.)

DiS Thought Police


it was definitely the latter, definitely


Vincent Gallo in Airplane


Gruey from Gruey having actual on screen sex in 9 Songs raised an eyebrow from me


Once told him to get down off a fence at Alton Towers. I was working there at the time so I did have the authority to do so.


He always was a wrong 'un


Nah he was just a loveable rogue


Just remembered Spider from coronation street is in (and has a speaking part!) Ridley Scotts Kingdom of Heaven w/ orlando bloom and jezza iron and that :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Watched Blade Runner 2049 again the other week and had forgotten how mad the cast list is. There was one scene that featured Jenny out of Forrest Gump, Avon Barksdale out of the Wire and the paranoid man who Harvey Dent nearly kills in the Dark Knight. There was also the pirate captain out of Captain Phillips playing a character called Dr Badger! (saw him in Eye in the Sky as well)


Curtis Alexander from Dream Team in that bit where the Joker makes the pencil disappear in The Dark Knight


Stuart Naysmith from Dream Team in Edge of Tomorrow



He’s a soap junkie. He also opened the Ambridge fair in the Archers one year.