Actors who look like other actors


Obviously there is Brian Cox (actor) and Albert Finney (also actor). But there is a huge new contender - Emmett J Scanlon (actor) and Mac (actor) from IASIP




Matt Damon and Jesse Plemons innit.



Some guy, Thor, Parks and Rec, Bedtime Story.


They are “The Chrises”


After watching Tully over the weekend I think Ron Livingston looks like a less photogenic version of Kyle Chandler

Check it


The guy on the left needs to stop moving his eyebrows. I do not find it endearing (and Loudermilk is really shit but Search Party was good)


I was also surprised when Mark Duplass turned up in that as I had been thinking Ron Livingston was whichever Duplass brother I though it was when I saw the name in the credits.


Mary-Kate olsen and Ashley olsen


Keifer Sutherland looks increasingly like Donald Sutherland IMHO


These two don’t look super alike but their mannerisms and voices are very similar. I think Jack Black even played his dad in something so this isn’t a unique observation:


Ol’ boy from the walking dead is American Javier Bardem


Micheal B Jordan and Nick Cannon




Those ones called chris that all look the same


When life jesse plemons, matt damonade


Will Arnett and Patrick Wilson - when I started watching Bone Tomahawk, I was expecting a few lols from a charming but bit of a prick kind of guy.

Was a bit surprised to see heads coming off and that, thanks BoJack


lol what???

they look NOTHING like each other imo

EDIT: after a quick google, seems like a lot of people have this opinion - cant see it myself


We were watching The Blob the other night. The wife exclaimed, “That’s Steve McQueen!? The one that everyone thinks is hot? He looks like Steve Buscemi.”

So Steve McQueen and Steve Buscemi.