Actually just a thread about toothpaste

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More when I think of them


Neoproproximate Diothialisipam

I’m confused. Does your day to day experience involve pints of toothpaste?

Fun fact: I’ve got an Amazon delivery of 24 tubes of toothpaste coming on Saturday.


Serious answer: glass


No just noticed that my toothpaste tube said ml on it this morning and I thought how funny I will make a shit thread about this later and look here we are

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Just a volume measure rather than weight, no reason why volume has to be exclusively used for liquids.

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Why isn’t toothpaste in much larger quantities? I’d buy a six litre tub of the stuff, it could come with a squeezy tap-style mechanism.

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I wonder why of all the flavours they decided that mint should be the universal flavour for toothpaste

Or six kilos or however the fuck you want it measured

Yep you can have a gallon of sausage or a litre of farts.

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Doesn’t really fit the brief here but was using an American recipe the other day that listed measurements of butter in tablespoons.

You can guarantee someone here uses burrito-flavoured toothpaste.

Hi @ericVI


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What’s the fluoride ppm in everyone’s current toothpaste of choice?

I’m rocking 1450ppm. Pretty happy with that.

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  • Too-thpaste
  • Tuth-paste

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This has just absolutely done me. In the middle of a cafe. Proper snort laugh and all. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

“I didn’t even know Oral-B made a toothPPaste!”