Actually let’s have an evening thread (Tuesday)

Got too lazy to make it before

John Lewis closed earlier than I thought, living a fanless life for one night longer

Had a nap after work, boyfriend came and woke me up much too early :sleeping:

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Evening JP etc.

I got kept late at work because one of the students who needs to complete assessment work waited for an hour in the wrong room before emailing me to check where I was. I now have no classes left before August and a very small number of outstanding tasks.

Tea was some leftover lamb meatloaf nuggets and an orzo salad. Wor Lass makes a good meatloaf.

I had a beer delivery arrive today so might enjoy one of those after The Child is asleep. Wor Lass has had a long day mentoring the future of Occupational Therapy and I think she might not last beyond 7.30 either.


Evening all :wave:

Day two is done. Feel like I’m drowning a bit with the amount of issues there are - just need to buy myself a bit of time and carve out our priorities.

Nice to be able to leave work at 5.15 and get home by 5.30 though.


When don’t you :wink:


I’m on my way to meet @grievoustim and others for a pub quiz!


Bought my wife these peonies and they’ve gone huge

Had quite a productive day tbh, listening to the end of the cricket then gonna lounge around till bedtime.


To all the cunts moaning about it being too warm in Glasgow - this is what you get.


Had to work late, so having a pizza takeaway instead

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Boring pizza hut innit

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was gonna stick ma headphones on and go for a walk but the rains gone a bit biblical.

Evening. Been watching the cricket, can’t be bothered to walk down and watch the end of the Worcester game so ordered a curry instead.

Should do a tidy up after, obviously going to end up watching some TV.




Have a huge bunch of mock orange flowers in my living room. Orange blossom is one of my favourite smells - i’m so happy sitting next by them :smiling_face:

Going to have some tofu and black pepper sauce.


TWO bikes in a day Jeremy? That’s insane.

Impulse organised a solo bike trip from Bristol to ldn this weekend too.

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how often do you nap after work? i had one yesterday and barely slept all night! seemed a good idea at the time

Appointment with a haematologist tomorrow that I’m really anxious about. Just trying to keep myself distracted

Good luck Shrewbo. Here’s a distracting picture of Stuart McCall


Rarely. Only did today because I had to get up particularly early and was in meetings all day