Adam Buxton doing a Q and A with Travis

Hope he gets to grips with the brains behind ‘Sing’


he loves Travis

Who doesn’t?!

The episode of his podcast where he went on a skiing holiday with one of Travis was one of the worst things I have ever heard. He had blatantly been paid by the skiing company so it was a glorified advert and yr man from Travis was reciting what chart positions their singles got to.

He (rightly) got some stick for it.


Needs to do it as Ken Korda

and then ask them about ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’

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“Middle aged white men of travis what are your thoughts on me too and cancel culturezzzzzzzz…”

I’ve had to stop listening to his podcast


any of the ones where he awkwardly bumbles around the idea of being cancelled with other middle class people are the worst ones

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no idea why he needs to bring it up all the time

I still enjoy the podcast (often depending on the guest tbf) but yeah he really needs to stop with that


Don’t forget asking every guest if they like Bowie


it’s a bit sad because he seems like a nice man but there isn’t much spark there

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I think it’s one of those things that people think is a clever conversation topic

I remember sitting in a room with a bunch of actors who’d just met and one of them was sincerely like “oh wow, we’ve only just met and we’re discussing the big subjects now - social media”

social media

big subject

social media



Massively depends on the guest still think the one he did recently, after his mother died, with Joe Cornish is one of the best things I’ve heard on a podcast.

The one with Ed O’Brien was alright that was the last one I have heard. The music guest ones seem to be the best of the ones I have heard but, I am really selective. Chris Morris was pretty good thinking about it.


Is that what hes like now?

I always found Adam and Joe painfully unfunny, the love they get always baffles me

When he goes on tv show and just reads comments out from Youtube in a funny voice, urgh


Aside from 1/3 of the book being a literal Bowie Annual, Ramble Book was good imo. Podcast gets exhausting with how much he brings up Bowie, his Dad and cancel culture, but the man’s quite clearly going through something so I hope he is ok, must be shit to lose both parents in such a short space of time


In his slight defence, I don’t think he hid the fact he’d been paid for it/got the holiday for free etc. Was a stinker of an episode though.

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Still better than the one when he did a cold diary

A lot of the more improvised/off the cuff bits of the audiobook certainly point to a person who is getting to grips with the incredible amount of unearned privilege he was brought up with

Topical though!

The early ones were pretty weird thinking back.

Does anyone remember an episode with Joe when he was talking about cancel culture and me too and he shoehorned in some anecdote about how he playfully slapped quite a well known celebrity on the arse at a music festival and she took it badly and how in the current climate it could have been interpreted as very inappropriate. It felt very weird and preemptive.