Adam Buxton doing a Q and A with Travis

Nice to hear the Dublin Wax Museum get a shout out. Went there as a kid and remember it being enjoyably terrible, good to hear it hasn’t improved.

I still get teased by my family because of how terrified I was in that place. My mum said it took me hours to calm down :joy:

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For those that don’t already know it, Rose Matafeo’s podcast Boners of The Heart is amazing, really one of my very favourite pods:


didn’t know she had one! will check it

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I’d recommend starting with some of the earlier ones, when they still had some sort of structure and stuck to the original concept. They (Rose and fellow NZ comedian Alice Snedden) now just release them very sporadically when they happen to be together or have something relevant they want to pod about, so might be a little baffling or a trickier way in.

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I’m not too bothered by Buxton doing it, it’s more about whether or not his guest indulges him or understands its bullshit.

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Just listening to this now and the guy getting really indignant about sharing files on Slack has got to be Glinner , right?


Buckles referenced calling a project off the other day too, I wonder if that was whatever he was working on with Glinner. I know they were writing together at some point.

Hadn’t made this connection, but I reckon you’re definitely right!

He’s done a Tape Notes with John Kennedy doing a deep dive on the creation of Buxton’s jingles. Haven’t listened yet but, FYI

Thought him bringing someone saying something he’d done in the past that had upset them and essentially saying they should kinda get over it as its in the distant past very off. If theyre bringing it up it obviously effects them…

Probably the straw that broke the camels back for me to stop listening, I think.

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Feels really silly to bring that up on your public podcast as well given that he’d presumably apologised for it in private and got whatever it was sorted out

What is this referring to?

Also, especially after all the talk in the Rose Matafeo episode about Acaster/checking with people before using it in work.

@1101010 theres not masses of context given but basically he reconnected with an old acquaintance after spending a bit of time together they emailed him saying ‘some stuff you did when were friends before wasnt really on’ and he kinda brushes it off as ‘ok sorry, but that was years ago why you bringing it up’

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But I mean is this in the podcast that Buxton addresses this or is this a guest you’re referring to and if so who? Basically I just want to know if this is a particular episode (if so which) or a separate thing, if so link :slightly_smiling_face:

It is Buxton in the lastest (Kazuo Ishiguro) episode

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Yeah, it’s a bit weird. He definitely comes across as pretty dismissive, and it seems like he brings it up in order to dismiss them, if that makes sense. But then there’s no clue as to what it’s actually about.

Just listened to this and thought the same. What’s happened to him?

The whole nonsense about cultural appropriation wrt Blues music in the 60s too, where he adopts his stupid voice and essentially says ‘you can’t do that nowadays’ etc. So boring.

It’s frustrating with the cultural appropriation thing bc he’s clearly sort of interested in it as an idea, but hasn’t done the research to find that a lot of this nuance is a big part of the conversation around it (esp the relationship between white musicians wanting to give greater prominence to black influences vs a deeply racist industry they’re operating in, etc) and simply how influence works in music anyway esp with the advent of huge digital archives now (which you think he’d get more, being a big music fan)

Like people wouldn’t just replicate blues music now bc it’s all readily available for the most part, and because fashions have just changed anyway


(Refreshed podcast feed)

Didn’t see that coming

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