Adam Buxton doing a Q and A with Travis

seem to remember he’s a huge fan of O Superman, always happy for Buckles when he pulls these ones off


Okay listening to the Ishiguro episode now and it is a mess.

Feels like he’s definitely on the edge of some kind of breakdown. Why does he keep returning to this stuff about things being not okay now when Ishiguro clearly isn’t really getting it.

On another point it’s sad to find out Ishiguro is a sci-fi snob too. Yes mate, sci-fi is a lot more than just THINGS IN SPACE EXPLODING ngngngngng

(Plus they both sound like they have never heard of the whole “is an AI as good as a real person” thing)

That guy seeemed really unimaginative for an author

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I don’t know really. I get what you mean but in a lot of cases of reading I find it’s the delivery, the prose that is most important. I’ve read Remains of the Day and it was really excellent book so every possibility this new one is also great even if it’s running over some really well-trod ground.

yeah maybe his books are good, I don’t read so couldn’t say, thought he came across as kind of uninterested in relating to Buxton but I guess he is an old dude

You’d think a curiosity for the human experience would be a thing authors would be into but I guess there’s all sorts of books and people who write them

I think he definitely has curiosity for the human experience, that seems to be what the book is about. I’m only really thinking that it sounds like he maybe doesn’t realise this isn’t a new avenue to look in. But it’s hard to judge something based on a concept because the stuff that works is in the detail.

I don’t know that he was uninterested in relating to Buxton, I think Buxton just kept bringing up whatever this stuff is that’s eating him in a way that was very vague. He didn’t want to go into specifics, he just seemed to want someone to pat him on the back and say, “Yeah harsh times mate”. Odd.


I did like Ishiguro not really getting that much into the accountability conversation and just going “man, what the hell did you do tho?”

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Have barely listened to any podcasts for a year as it was something I did at my office desk and in the absence of that I’ve not carved out an equivalent opportunity.

Just scanned through the episode list and the most recent one I’ve listened to is #115 - xmas 2019 w/ Joe Cornish (apart from xmas 2020 w/ Joe, Róisín Murphy, Benjamin Zephaniah, Candice Carty-Williams, and Sleaford Mods). Had listened to all episodes back to #39 (and about half of 'em before that).

Just cannot remember a thing about any of those pre-2020 ones till as far back as #101 (Sara Pascoe book club). Despite there being some guests who you’d think would be pretty memorable, like Chris Morris, Derren Brown, Jeff Goldblum, and Billy Connolly. Which has kinda thrown me a bit. Like, was it worth my time listening if it’s gonna be so forgettable?

Also, going from above comments, it sounds like his vibe has changed distinctly during 2020.Which is understandable, considering Covid (and also if his mum died also, which I didn’t know, but I think was mentioned upthread) - but I can’t say I’d noticed from the Róisín, Zephaniah, S Mods snapshot few recent ones I’ve listened to.

Have had Stewart Lee, Joe Lycett, Rachel Bloom and Paul McCartney cued up in a playlist for weeks. When I get round to listening to them it’ll be interesting (to me, at least) to see if I pick up on a change in him.

Chris Morris was pretty good, both of them actually.


A re-listen might be in order, then. I guess there’s a chance that after five minutes the ol’ memory will be jogged and it’ll come flooding back. That’s the hope. Otherwise, :neutral_face:.

Ian McEwan also wrote a terrible sci fi novel about robots and was very sniffy about the genre also. I’m not sure why authors write sci fi then get arsey about the genre. If it’s all so crap, why rip it off poorly!


really enjoyed the Billy Connolly one too

Really enjoyed the Rose Matafeo one. Oddly it came out before Kazuo Ishiguro but that one was delayed by three months. Better for me to go to them this way since he seemed much more together and he goes on about not liking to chat shit about people if he can help it which then felt a bit hypocritical compared to all his vague stuff with Ishiguro about this acquaintance who got back in touch.

(Also odd to hear him do his Phoebe Waller-Bridge thing and be like, “Wait he does actually get it so what the hell?”)

Despite its brevity, I thought the Laurie Anderson one was rather lovely. Didn’t enjoy the Kazuo Ishiguro ep though which indeed felt quite off.

Listening to Big Science for the first time off the back of the latest episode. It’s pretty good! I was always put off by overfamiliarity with O Superman, thinking a whole album of that would be pretty tedious. It might be the weakest track on the album though.

I hope they get a do-over with the episode. She seemed pretty relaxed and quite up for another chat. Just a nice, pleasant listen.

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Haven’t listened to the episode yet but I got a copy of Big Science the other day and it’s a cracking record, I’d only ever heard O Superman from it before

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It was quite a shame that episode got cut off, some of the questions he was planning to ask her were quite interesting.

I also found the audio completely horrible this week, I know he explains why it’s not great but it was very strange the way it cut between their audio tracks. I’d say the editor racked up the billable hours.

The Lee Mack interview is making me way more interested in his podcast than the trailer they keep playing on Crunch and Crumble has

He’s a good egg

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hi, I’m Lee Mack
and I’m his not famous mate, Neil


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